Is It Possible for Humans to Trust God Entirely

Confusing Faith With Trusting God

See the Armor of God Vital to Spiritual Growth

Part of becoming whole.  Spirit 33.3%  Flesh 33.3% SOUL 33.3% Prior to receiving Jesus we are just flesh and soul 66.6% The number of man.

Faith, Love, and Hope, are eternal spiritual gifts.  If we trusted in God 100% He would likely take us to Heaven.  We would not need Hope of Faith for salvation because to trust 100% would mean and Faith in God is full.  Faith starts with a seed.  It must be nurtured and watered.  (See my article on salvation)

Hope & Faith Eternal Spiritual Gifts

HUMANS are now in their final phase of being created.  Creation did not stop with the flesh and bone.  It began there.  Faith must be nurtured and grown by our own spiritual choices in life.  By prayer, seeking God, and so on.

Each man was given the same chances to make their own choices.  Primarily we are to choose our eternal home.  But also if we are growing in God we are also being grown into spiritual workers & children of God.  We are participators in the building of the Kingdom of God by works of Faith.

Eve did not make some grand mistake.  Father new mankind had to be exposed to evil to choose his path away from or toward evil.  Learn to rely on God.  And he had to learn that trusting God 100% while human is simply not possible.

This is part of becoming whole.  Spirit 33.3%  Flesh 33.3% SOUL 33.3% Prior to receiving Jesus we are just flesh and soul 66.6% The number of man.

Part 3 of creation of the children of God is to become like Him.  To become like Jesus and walk the path He walked to a point, to a point we think. We still Hope to not have to become martyrs.    But if they require that we take on the mark of the beast of die we would then have a look at becoming martyrs.  However we do not think this is required of us in this way.

I believe that the mark HAS TO BE A CHOICE.  This means that I thing the people will be deceived into believing that if they don’t take the mark they will perish.  In turn they fear death and choose mankind instead of turning to God for help and answers.

God will make very clear to anyone who asks Him (I am certain of it) what the motb is so we know not to accept it.  He already showed us all that men will turn and receive beast DNA unto themselves.  It’s that simple.  And so obvious.  Just as obvious as is the image of the beast being the TV or phone that harnesses those deadly soul sucking threats by lies.  So obvious.  Yet Christians stand and proclaim talking statues and antichrist’s with signs on their heads reading “Antichrist Here”.  Perhaps they also expect TV’s to be renamed “Image of the beast”.

They do not see the beast is the problem  Its just too scary to look at. And it requires some extensive emotional coping skills to look at.  We must have at least become the clay in God’s hands at a minimal grade of prayer and result.  The eyes have had to be opened enough to see the mark of the beast for what it is.  Certain anchors will have had to be cut & loosed from our hearts.

All those head chopping scriptures are threats.  I do not believe the beast will chop any heads.  I think the beast will cause men (by manipulation) TO WALK OFF THEIR OWN CLIFF BY CHOICE AND BELIEVING A LIE.

Just say no.   We Choose Faith In Spite of Knowing the Outcome.

Is choosing Faith the same as trusting God?   Not really.  And all this realization of spiritual matters of end days comes in spite of our human distrust of what God will do with us if we choose to act in Faith in Him over what we see with our eyes.   Over what the world is telling us.  Over what the MAJORITY ARE CHANTING.

They chant and they chant on YT “its not the mark, its not the mark”.

Choose Him over the medical system.  God will always supply a way out and around temptation.  We will not be tempted passed that which we can handle.   Meaning we have the ability to say no to the beast system.

Distrust by man remains because we do not KNOW WHOLLY WE CANNOT SEE WHOLLY so we fear the outcome.  We act in Faith in spite of our not knowing.  We choose to trust in God even thou we are unsure and fear.  That’s what I mean by distrust.  If we had 100% trust in God there would be no fear.  THE not knowing makes our choices a great work of Faith in Hope.

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