I Thought of You

Shooting Star. Bob Dylan. Oh Mercy 1989
Some say Bob Dylan is a prophet. Others say he traded fame for his soul.  By making a deal w/the devil.

“Oh Mercy” is one of my favorites.  Next to Van Morrison’s hymns to the silence.  Especially song “Be Thou my Vision” & “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”.  Anointed praise and worship music.

However although Dylan allegedly made a deal with the devil…his music is inspiring.   Seems to me its more God inspired than evil.  They say Lucifer when in Heaven was the most talented of the musical minstrel angels. So, likely each beautiful inspiring song will have a hidden dark angle to it… possibly.

Here’s my favorite. “Ring them Bells” Video & Lyrics

Seen a shooting star tonight
And I thought of you
You’re tryin’ to break into another world
A world I never knew
I always kinda wondered
If you ever made it through
Seen a shootin’ star tonight
And I thought of you
Seen a shootin’ star tonight
And I thought of me
If I was still the same
If I ever became
What you wanted me to be
Did I miss the mark
Overstep the line
That only you could see
Seen a shooting star tonight
And I thought of me
Listen for the engine
Listen for the bell
As the last fire-truck from hell
Goes rollin’ by
All good people are prayin’
It’s the last temptation
The last account
Last time you might hear
The sermon on the mount
Last Radio is playin’
Seen a shooting star tonight
Slip away
Tomorrow will be
Another day
Guess it’s too late to say the things to you
You needed to hear me say
Seen a shooting star tonight
Slip away

The dart?  “Did I over step the line that only you could see?” He is singing about both a girl and God/Jesus.  “Did I become who I was supposed to be”  Goes for codependant behavior with the girl…and God whom we feel judging our actions. And the dart He is not the only one who sees the line..  We all see our own lines in the sand.  It’s the conscience.  With guilt.

“Ring them bells for the chosen few who will judge the many when the game is through.”

What’s the desecrating Mandela effect in “Ring them Bells”?

“St. Peter” magically changed to “Sweet Martha”. A corruption since sweet Martha wasn’t so sweet toward her sister Mary of Bethany.    Not to mention Jesus more or less put her in her place.  Martha was a tattle tale who seemed to have oppressive control issues.  And she seemed jealous of Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus learning from Him.

My friend says the “Man in the Long Black Coat”, my third favorite song on Oh Mercy album represents Johnny Cash.

Johnny is the country musician who sang about God in the 70s. He was friends with Bob Dylan allegedly.


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