Adriana Tellez. Teacher

Gaslight Awareness Videos on YT by Adriana Tellez

Adriana is wise beyond her years.  She sees the beast clearly and repels its status quos.  I applaud her courageous choices to expose the beast system’s methods of invalidation and attack on the children of God who follow their hearts.

Every Child of God should be schooled on the invalidating and attacking passive aggressive behavior of the beast system goat servants of hell.

The goats hate ANYTHING that is not in line with status quo.  Free thinking by Children of God is attacked by the goats.

The goats will criticize any and all behavior not in line with parrot behavior.

Original thought is now a crime.  They hate it because it makes them “bad & wrong” in their minds.  Anything the goats do not agree with must be attacked.  Their self worth is on the line.  Defense mode against Truth is all they know.

Adrianna’s new channel Realm m wise ones

It’s been VERY HARD for me to finally realize the separation between the sheep and the goats is finished. They are not like us.  There is no more “soul winning” or making them see Truth by our testimony of God’s Love and grace.  It’s done.  The choices are made.  Now is the time to let go 100% of every one of these goats.

We must place our Hope in some other mission of good will. A grand new purpose is coming to the children of God.  The times of spreading the light to those in darkness is no longer possible.  They are done.  The bible is also done as it changes to darkness unfamiliar words.  Hey its prophecy.  Amos 8:11&12 and its here.

All that’s left is the departure of those who are gathered and tied into bundles to be burned.  The wheat and the chaff are ready for their next eternity.

Its God’s will that we no longer have to abide with these.

“How long must I bear with thee?” said Jesus

Not much longer children of God.  The bundles are ready.  The gathering is at hand.  Soon my own prophecy shall be fulfilled.



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