We Laughed At Death and then We Met Him

Friends readers I am a real person. I call myself “Jazweeh” the Seer.

May I tell you a story of what it is to die?  And how to escape Death itself.  Death bows before me for one reason.  I have the keys to Death and to Hell.  I can go in and out as I please in Spirit.  Jesus Himself gave me these keys.

Pearls of Wisdom

The first time I died I did not know Jesus.  That’s right, the big bad “J” word that religion/Legion WILL DETOUR YOU FROM if you let it.  The church has one purpose, no two.  To show you how hypocritical they are and to make sure YOU don’t find the keys to Death and to Hell yourself.

Come to find out all that written of in the books, “evil roams to and fro seeking whom it may devour & steal, kill, & destroy” is actually true.  Many parts of the bible were True.  Now there is less and less truth in the books.  Seems it’s under a spell which few can see.  It’s fluid but its covered by the strong delusion told of in prophesy.

Ignore that it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember what The Holy Bible once was.  Evil wants your soul for its team darkness.  And if that’s your choice more power to you.  You have that right and to choose the Dark Lord will also bring eternal life…we think.  Just not in a place of light but rather a place of darkness and pain alot like this world but much worse.

God is real.  He sent Jesus so you can do what Jesus did.  Take the keys to Death and Hell to overcome evil in both this life and in Death.  When my spiritual teacher told me “that which you are in bondage to in life could also hold you in Death” it scared me.  I still have dependencies because I am still human.

But weakness serves the purpose of “in weakness I am made strong by God Almighty in seeking Him.”

But bondage holds a person in constant struggle like to addiction of sex, or drugs to the point it’s cause self destruction or continuously hurting others.  That is bondage-the absence of peace.


The first time I died I went to a place of bondage.  I believed in God but I did not know Him or Jesus.  Yet I did pray to the Father from youth forward.  I died and was put into the center of what seemed like a dense rock.  I had no power.  I was just held in a rock like stasis.  I had consciousness but was not suffering.  I didn’t remember that I overdosed.  But I knew who I was.  That was all I knew.

“He who the Son sets free is free indeed.”  Jesus’ name is Wonderful.

God put the power of freedom in Jesus for us.  It’s His plan.   If you want freedom & peace of mind, seek God. The Holy Spirit came to me by praising Jesus by name, arms raised.  It was the most Wonderful experience Life ever offered me.  It gave me 100% joy for over a year.  It guides me through life.  The Pentecostals practice the laying on of hands with prayer.  This IS HOW THE HOLY SPIRIT COMES TO US.  And since its so powerful the beast desecrates this truth by making Pentecostals look like insane people on the Image of the Beast.  And some of them probably are insane & evil.  All churches have their evil members.

What about being born again?  Does the Holy Spirit come to us then?  Not in the same Wonderful way.  Being born again a step one to a process that is life long.  What is “born again”?  To be born again, for me started by reading the bible.  I related to Paul’s struggle with the flesh back then.  I was tortured because I was split down the middle by Spirit/Flesh.

“I want to do good and good is in me to will.  But many times I intend to do good and end up submitting to evil actions.  I struggle, who will deliver me from this self destruction?  Praise be to Jesus whom God sent for deliverance from the free will that is killing me.”

Born again was when I first believed in Jesus.  In my heart and so I put my Faith in not only God but Jesus as well.  That is born again.

Apostle Paul’s struggle is the scripture which sold me on Bible.  I studied it years on end.  Also I felt God’s pull to show me Jesus and to know Jesus.  At one point I know He cleansed my heart.  I had out of body dreams and spiritual experiences that changed me forever.  God delivered me time after time and healed me by the preachers prayers and hands.  Pentecostal style.  In 2017 the veil of sleep dropped from my eyes and I began to see into the spirit world more deeply.

“Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit sayeth The Lord.”

I walked the treacherous walk of the prodigal son as believers do to learn the depth of God’s Love and Grace as a Father.  The prodigal walk was Hell on Earth.  I barely made it out alive.  I fell into relapse, addiction, sin, immorality, all of it.  I nearly had my head chopped of by a crack dealer.  It was bad.  God delivered me out of purgatory and showed me the depths of His Love toward me as His child.  I literally me Grace.

The New Gospel I Here

The new gospel has arrived in the bible.  And its all about blood & bashing works.  ‘Blood’ the one thing (flesh) that is at emnity with the Spirit.  Was Jesus’ blood different?  That is a mystery.  But now the bibles say “faith in His blood”

I present to you the new gospel and the New Jesus

He carried a whip and commanded that men “hate your family or you have no part in me”.  This is the evil one not my Jesus.  And “faith is His blood” I know nothing of.  His blood is a mystery and He did shed blood when they killed Him.  My God says it’s symbolic and a mystery.  Will Faith in blood save you?  Who knows what will happen to those who put Faith in twisted doctrines of demons.  Who knows.  Its the new gospel.  The true gospel is my testimony on this page.  I am showing you the true gospel from she who knows Jesus & God who is delivered healed, and saved by Him.

The new gospel is a legal blood agreement.  There are lots of new legal terms in bibles now.  Its a contract rather than a relationship with a merciful God who we can know.

“The bible says this so I am saved”  Salvation by bible doctrine.  And so the book becomes the worst idol of all.  As opposed to God’s forgiveness and Love, by mercy and Grace, that comes by Faith in Him.  So by declaring his righteousness sins are remitted?  And faith in blood?

Rom 3:25
Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;

Rom 3:26
To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.  This says that God Almighty isn’t just unless I say He is.  How inverted is that?  MIGHT BE JUST?  These rewrites are brutal, they are straight from hell.  And the books are now full of blasphemy which ironically most cannot see.  It’s annoying.

Tower of babble has their ass.  That is the bottom line.  They embraced the lie and God permitted unto them that which they prefer, evil’s tower of lies.

I have walked the halls of death.  I have seen the first level of Hell. It is purgatory.    What is purgatory?  Purgatory is where you go if you condemn yourself to Hell.  It’s for those who think they are bad and wrong.  And feel they deserve Hell.  That is why Jesus brought them out of the grave.  We do not have the right to condemn ourselves.  So Jesus brings them out so they are properly judged by God.  That is why He walks the grave.  That is why those who follow His also walk the grave to bring the self condemned out.  

Becoming an Overcomer

Your job is to be an overcomer.  This doesn’t mean perfection. No human can attain perfection.  It doesn’t mean religion either.  It means seek God and you will find God.  Fervently seek God.  Most people give up after small prayers or join a church and suffice it’s enough.  It was not enough for me.

It took continual  prayer and ongoing meditation for me to find God in a way that is greatly beneficial to me.

When I was young I felt deeply the God hole.  A piece of myself missing.  A hollow open hole that nothing could fill except The Spirit of God. That is the malady of many drug addicts.  This is why there are so many deliverance testimonies of drug addicts who find God finally.  And their entire life and motives change dramatically.  God takes the blackened heart out of their chest and washes it clean.  He teaches them about life and how to live it.

Most of the delivered drug addict step into powerful ministries.  NOT RELIGION.  They will never fit into religion.  Legion will always reject their attempts at being one of the pack of sanctimonious tithers.  These, the sanctimonious now have the mark of the beast for a reason.  They never sought God fervently with their whole heart in desperation.  They never felt the God hole.   Why?

Could it be that they just have no calling on their lives?  Idk.  All I know is “Many are called but few are chosen”.  And they have the mark of the beast which means something they Love above God is blocking their spiritual walk.

They never learned to know their own heart.

It sounds like a difficult state of affairs but its not.  Why?  Because it’s not something you can accomplish.  Only God can make overcomers of us.

What has to happen is to hand over free will and say “thy will be done in my life” and  mean it.

That will start the ball rolling.  Simply allowing God to work in our lives.  He is not the evil one who takes what is not His.  Though yes, He made us.  But our life and free will are gifts, He doesn’t take control of us.  What God does is fix us IF we need and want Him to, and ask Him to.  He gives us a new heart.  He makes life much safer.  He makes our motives much truer.

If you want to read my book written around 2007 it’s free at  https://paradiseforthehellbound.com/read-free

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