Apostle Paul’s Curse. Thorn In His Side

What Was It The Thorn in Paul’s Side?

Ever have ingrown toenails that grow into your toe naturally? (big toe)  Paul likely did. Inevitable the doctors always make it the patients fault by blame.  “never trim sideways” they will ignorantly proclaim by their med. books.  They were never taught in their school of drugs how to cure the thorn in the side of the toes.  The sideways growing toenail grows directly into the flesh.

Paul’s thorn was not a sexual sin. It was a literal thorn in his flesh.   Why didn’t God stop the curse whe Paul pleaded?  I don’t know.  Perhaps he wanted Paul to bind his own curses.  But I doubt if it was about false pride as the book now reads.

You can imagine what it would be like to have a literal thorn in the side of your body that won’t come out due to intense pain.  Have you ever had a thorn of a blackberry?  Or even worse a thorn of a Smilax? The side of the toe is a very hard place to work with.  But we have the solutions.

The biblical thorn would have to be something that can be temporarily fixed and then comes back over and over and over an ailment to suffer.  That would be a physical ailment of some kind, right?

Let me tell you a story that you may not believe.  Some people, let’s call them “Israel” have a recurring thorn in the side of their toes.  The big toes.  Over and over what they get is a separate tiny toe nail that grows sideways. And if it’s not stopped it will grow right through their very toe and out the other side.  But first it contorts their toe on the way out.  It’s a life long pain, ailment, burden.

When they work to take the toe nail out…if it gets infected, then the doctor of course says “what have YOU DONE TO YOURSELF”?  Ya that is their plight.  They have a toenail knife sticking in their toe.  And when they try to get help from a doctor inevitable he blames them as if they made it happen by some strange obsession to self mutilation.

But that’s early on in the journey before they find ways of dealing with the thorn…REPEATEDLY.  Once they realize doctors are a product of the beast system. Later they realize that every time they find the right tools that work, somehow they disappear.  The tools grow legs and walk off.  Even though the tool is gold to Israel, it ends up missing.  Over and over and over.

That my friends is called a curse.  Likely it was set in place years ago for those who diligently seek God.  Or by bloodline.  Paul was a Hebrew.  Perhaps to identify Israel.  Or to just make them suffer throughout their lives.

“A messenger of Satan” Paul called it.

Word “Hebrew” is magically disappearing from all bibles now its only 26 times in KJVB.  Being replaced with religion/Legion word “Jew” or “jewish” are Legion/religion.

Solutions to the thorn in the side or “repeated side growing big toe nails.”

Forget peroxide it’s worthless for this.  Forget Alcohol it’s no help!  But some organic essential oil of Frankincense or Lemon Grass, or some other precious essential oil.  Mix 10 or more drops with coconut, way more coconut essential oils are very strong volatile oils and need cut with a carrier oil.  See more online for mixing carrier & essential oils.  Use oils after every shower or bath on feet.

Oil was valuable back in the bible days because they heal any flesh/skin problems just about.  This will soften toes and make working with nail trimmers when and if in pain because of ingrown nails much easier.  Use a sideways nail trimmer or regular.  Either will work.  Just be careful.  You need an attachment stick thing to pull the nail up so you can cut it.

Try to stay on top of your curse.  Or perhaps the curse has ended but the nails are already trained to grow through the toe so if the curse is ended the result of having a year round toe growth doesn’t change over night.  You must train yourself to use the three solutions.  We think the curse may be ended.


Carrier Oil Coconut oil


Fingernail & Toenail Clippers - Japonesque

Stick thing.

The scripture is skews now making it a curse to buffet false pride in Paul.  The word “side” isn’t even there.  The bibles were always skewed even before the desecration of the holy place.  But for those who have The Holy Spirit and read the books before their desolation.  We learned much from them.  We learned that most of the stories were prophecy rather than past tales.


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