What Does The Oracle See? New & Old Info.

The Covenant with Many Demons is Between Demons & Powerful Evil Men of Greed & Fear

Old Earth will burn.


God Looks Upon the Heart.  Hope is The Helmet of Salvation.  Faith is given to all men.  Where they put that Faith is what matters.  Nurture Faith in God.

What Does the Oracle See?  The Covenant With Many Demons.

What is it and Why?  Hold on tight this isn’t good news.  Except the New Earth is coming for those who see it.  For those who Hope for the New Earth and Immortality through Jesus and by God Almighty!   It is coming.

But first the results of the horrible demonic covenant already enacted will show its dark face to mankind.

The covenant-What the men wanted from the demons.  (A code 2 Golden Keys)

What the demons wanted from the powerful men. (All Bibles on Earth Desecrated-past, present, future)

Businessman in suit holding huge gold key

Both desires igniting the covenant were intertwined.   One could not be attained without the other getting what it needed.  The men have the machine that changes times & laws.  But they needed a key code from the demons to gain control over mankind.  The final code to the cells nucleus of human beings so they can ultimately control them remotely by radio waves.  Even control life & death of men.

Powerful controlling men could not get through the pesky immune system that God put in place for a reason. The demons, knowing that men have the Great machine to change times and laws demanded that they not only remake mankind in the image of the beast.  By having the final key code.

But that when given the final keys in trade that the demons be given use of the device & authority to corrupt and change all bibles on Earth, both old and new all versions & types.


By changing history and corrupting the minds of mankind to match the new desecrated bibles all people on earth would remember the bibles as always being as the demons rewrite them.  That was the trade up.  The keys to men’s bodies for the bible changes (tower of babble).  In doing so all language was skewed as well.  The demons may not know that Earth’s words & its reality were tied to the Bibles.  The powerful men likely didn’t know their bible changes would cause all language to fail.

But the demons didn’t know if God’s children would be protected from the strong delusion or not.  They released the Locust to ensure that men would not remember the original bible’s powerful words. Yet God’s warriors on Earth slaughtered the Locusts when it came.  They put down the rat winged abomination.  They hold tight God’s words in their heart.  Forgot forgot the many forgot.

Come to find out God made signs and wonders to throw in the mix called “mandela effects” which caused confusion.  So now on Earth we have signs and wonders (miracles in plain sight many call the mandela effects).  We have deceptive signs and wonders (the vulgar bible changes) Some remember some don’t.

“The wolf (now) lies with the lamb” instead of the Lion.  What a mess of confusion for Earth.  The Christians see neither deceptive or harmless signs and wonders.  They retreat to the image of the beast for their prophecy updates.   The bulk of Christians we see, are clearly vailed by the living vail.

The bad news is this.  By the grotesque words being read aloud by the masses in bibles changes are coming.   Demons very meticulously authored curses upon curses being read aloud.  “YOU MUST NOT READ ALOUD FROM THE BOOK!” The Mummy.

Ya, the word “STUPID” was always in a HOLY BIBLE? Whaaat? No it was not!

“Salted infants” is a ridiculous mocking bible change.  Quotes like “hate your family or you have no part in me”_________Jesus (allegedly).  Things like St. Paul calling for curses upon men.  “Let them be accursed” for this and that.

The changed bibles are full of passive desecrations that are being held in Faith, quoted aloud by unknowing Christians who whitewash every vile word to mean something holy. (God’s words trampled under foot).   But the problem is the words are heinous.  Fables and curses, with lies, movie lines, and insults toward God, Jesus, & mankind.  Jesus in a girdle.  God the Father in a skirt.  The bibles are rampant with curses and lies that are being praised and called by God’s Son’s very name.  “The Word of God” they call the cursed book.

The Result of The Desecrated Bibles

Perhaps Christians are being protected vailed to their memories of the bible and vailed to the blasphemy. ….perhaps.  I will not say they are all lost who don’t remember.   We don’t know that.  Why?  MANY will be saved during the great trib.  We hope the vail will then be lifted and they will again see, know, & Love Truth.

Earth is tied to the bibles.  The changes are causing a dark force to gain power in the North.  This darkness is why so many prophesied of three days of darkness.  It’s so thick that when it comes to Earth no one will survive it’s breath.  The children of God shall be taken in Spirit to a place of safety & Light.

The rest of mankind shall be gathered and taken to their final judgement.  Many will rest/sleep.

Before the darkness fully manifests evil is being strengthened through the sins of men.  Chaos will ensue.  Death will come.   Men will turn on one another.  The darkness will bring deep sorrows and only those who are not under the strong delusion, those who remember God’s True words and held them to their heart will be delivered.  These chosen few will be taken to safety because they have a work to do on the New Earth.

“It is appointed to man once to die and then the judgement.”  This is why the chosen had to die at least once already.  Even if it was while sleeping unknowingly.  But I suppose even if your death was brief and painless you will remember it as an out of body dream perhaps.  Or as a very impressive dream.  The dead have already made their journey to judgement.  God’s words already rolled up as a scroll to the Heavens.  Jesus is here now working in the 144 mighty works.  The two witnesses are already revealed to us as they are doing great miracles for those who encounter them.

God’s Auburn Sun will return but in great power and glory.  And He will burn away all the darkness/dross.  The New Earth will grow once the fires burn away all the dross of Earth.  Then those who are appointed to walk Earth for one thousand years shall do so.  They know why & who they are.  Those who are called to seed the New Earth know that no evil will ever again be tolerated on Earth.  Evil had to be available for the choices of mankind.  Creation of man part two.  The spiritual part of creation.  All had to choose their eternal god.

Darkness is coming the bad & then the Light, the good.  Christians who are saved because they know Jesus will sleep for a thousand years and wake to paradise.

Religion is Legion and it saves no one.  Except to a church in Hell for those who have eternal life below.   When “Satan” is released after the 1,000 years he will be handed the new rules.  The New Sun will annihilate all evil on Earth.  NO evil will ever be able to exist on Earth again.  Many will be thrown into the lake of fire their souls extinguished.

Its done.   The separation is over.  God knows the hearts of mankind.  The only prophecies left to fulfill are the final one’s.  The rest are fulfilled.  Christians cannot see the desecration of the holy books, or the evil one claiming to be God in the bibles.  The bible now calling itself by Jesus’ Holy Name.  The only Truth left in bibles is for posterity sake.  So it’s believable.  Passive evil abounds in the bibles if they could only look to see it.

Is there a rapture for believers?

I hope so.  However the topic of rapture was always a mystery.  Even before the desecration of the holy books we were not certain.  Jesus is returning His promise to us from God Almighty.  We are promised immortality to put on incorruption.  All pain and tears washed away.  And the Promise Land is ours.  Love, Faith, & Hope are the greatest eternal gifts man is given from God.  These spiritual gifts are given to be nurtured and grown unto understanding and fulfillment.

Is the Holy Spirit Baptism automatic when born again?

Being born again happens when a person hears or reads the Truth that Jesus is The Son of God sent to us for deliverance, and to impart gifts.  The man prays with ernest Truth to God the prayer of Faith & becomes changed.  Usually those who are in need then get help from God.  It is the beginning of the walk of Faith.   Some receive a deliverance from certain bondage sin when born again as evidence.  Morals change.  This is the born again experience not the baptism of The Holy Spirit.

The gifts of The Holy Spirit usually come later in the walk of Faith.  After the born again experience changes the man somewhat he seeks God further searching with great Hope by what we call “the god hole”.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled”

The God Hole is an emptiness in one’s being which commands actions of Faith.  So by desperation the man seeks God with earnest.  Perhaps running from church to church seeking spiritual helps.   He doesn’t know what He seeks only that He needs something from God.

If he is lead he will eventually find a church with alter calls.  If he receives prayer by the laying on of hands at the alter.  Prayer from several people who already have The Gift of The Holy Spirit.   Then he too will likely receive what his very soul was seeking out the whole time.

The God Hole gets filled by the 33.3% Holy Spirit.  Now he is whole-By body 33.3% & Soul 33.3% & Holy Spirit 33.3% = 99.999999%  He is no longer the 66.6%


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