The Vision of The Golden Chest

I Saw a Golden shining suite case in a vision.  The Journey of The 144 shall be soon upon us.

[I write as I learn.  This article needs an edit and may have contradictions of mistaken understanding.   So the correct would be the later, lower article entries.]

What is inside this beautiful suitcase?  I asked.  “Inside the suitcase is your humanity. “said he who answered.  “It holds your human soul and the divine presence of God to inhabit flesh”  that is the divine presence of God that all, ALL humans have inside them to make them okay.


There is a thing the Hindus call The “Bimba” with two different definitions.  I am using the Hindu word bimbah because our English, and Christian roots have no word for the sacred essence I am introducing to you.  Christians have been robbed by the Vatican of their sacred knowledge.  Hindus apparently still have some of that great knowledge.  Now if you can get past pre-conceived notions and your brainwashing program that says all things are evil that are not in alignment with traditions of men, being, religious,  then read on.

The Ability to feel God in us that gives all men everlasting HOPE.

Bera or Bimba meant idol of god only, and Vigraha was synonymous with Bimba.  Bimbah or Bimba meaning “awareness of the divine within us.” This is the definition I am talking about.  “The awareness of the divine within.”  This Bimbah is what provides us with a feeling of God awareness and a feeling of being safe.  The Bimbah fends off deep feelings of dark and alone.  It fends off great fear and dismay.

The sacred Bimbah is not the Holy Spirit it is something all men have on Earth, even Atheists.  It’s a feeling of being “okay” that you really don’t know that you have until it’s gone.  Even when I was on drugs and depressed I did not feel like that during the absence of awareness of the divine.  If you have ever done cocaine and had a horrible crash period the feeling is similar to that.

When traveling to Heaven there is no Need for a Human Soul or a Bimbah of Hope

FLESH AND BLOOD CANNOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD nor can flesh endure what is in Heaven by its presence.  Hence the Golden safe chest to hold precious items safely that will later be returned.

The Bimba harnesses in humans the gift of HOPE.  With no Hope men fall fast.

The human soul and the divine presence call by the Hindu “The Bimbah” or “Bimba” of God that all humans on the face of the earth have (in Jazweeh’s vision)were in the suitcase to hold for safe keeping while you/we/144/133 journey to a place where God’s presence is so strong you will not need the Bimbah a beacon of Hope.

Jazweeh has explained the Bimba at length because she experienced by divine revelation what it will feel like without the divine presence of God for herself & those who take the mark of the beast.

At this point DNA brothers and sisters the manipulating/changing RNA directive back-scenes are at large and they are the best candidates for being the mark to buy and sell soon coming.  We are not saying the design is complete.  We believe at some  point there will be an actual mark and registry that can be canned on your body.  It will be introduces by Zebra Tech just as Zebra Tech kept the boxes of back scenes cold during shipment.

Long short of it you would not want to live long on Earth where God is not dwelling, not literally, without the Bimbah. This is not The Holy Spirit I speak of.   It is something that makes– especially makes a believer feel safe comfortable & loved at soul level.

When a human satanic ass hole who has no respect for life loses the bimbah even he shall feel and grieve its loss.  However when children of God lose The Divine Presence they know they cannot go on like that for long.  They feel the Love of God at a much deeper level.

Religion’s Rules

You may be one who says “the Hindu belief of the Bimba is wrong and bad! ” We at Jazweeh learn by experience the things of God.  We see the signs and wonders, we have walked the prodigal son walk.  We have see the face of religion and its teachings of what is evil.  Pish posh to religious lies!  We say this ‘EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES’.  Let that be your new barometer of evil because you won’t get Truth from status quos mandate of good and evil.

The Golden Chest

But what prey tell is left in the human being after the [human soul & The Divine Presence of God to inhabit flesh] are tucked away in the Golden Chest?  The Holy Spirit of God and the essence, character, personality of the human is left in the body.  What is left is the “who you really are”.  The heart.  See the heart is who we are meant to be.   Also left in us is the mind, intellect, understanding, Love, Faith, Peace & Hope (until it is fulfilled), and other attributes of good character.

These are the things the human can take with him to Heaven.  They do not pollute the Heavenlies as the flesh, ego, sinful nature, emotional issues with the seven deadly sins etc.  Along with unchecked hurt, fear, shame, self-hate, malevolent intentions cannot inherit the kingdom of God.  These evil parts of the flesh don’t get kept in the golden chest.  They are not sacred to be kept safe for when a man, as Enoch did, goes to Heaven for whatever reason with the intention of God to return him to earth and his former humanity.  This is why the golden chest is needed..

As for the sinful nature and records of life’s debaucheries, they have their place in the halls of judgement where they are sealed by a dark black seal of night and stacked in a place where they cannot pollute God’s realms.   Either grace of forgiveness covers them or by the choice of the human their chance at forgiveness has not been invoked.  Forgiveness as we understand it is only available to the soul while human.

And so it is now written.

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