End Times Gifts for the Chosen Few During Great Tribulation

Brothers and sisters we now know well what was really meant by “the sufferings of Christ”.  Yes He suffered crucifixion but there was a suffering, I think that dragged on for years & years.   To watch the blind walking into a pit by their own volition is not easy.  Imagine years on end of seeing blind men walking into pit upon pit.  If you see what the chosen few are meant to see, then you will suffer by watching the blind, and blind guides sport the abomination making them desolate as they worship the wolf’s words (the desecrated bibles).

But they have made their choices.  Every one of us has the same opportunities to make the choices toward becoming the clay in God’s hands.

A note from the writer-  Brothers and sisters please think me not pomp.  I am lead to write what I must & not permitted to engage false humility...  I am a scribe of God.  It is my appointment and honor to validate what you already see by high calling.  Bless you in all your ways.  The chosen few now know who they are.  And not all the chosen are labelled "Christian"  but they all do have a heart toward God and know Him.

What are the end of days special supernatural gifts?

“They honor me with their words but their heart is far from me.”

It’s baffling to watch men honor Jesus with words while they wear the mark of the beast on their forehead and spew blasphemy from the newly changed bibles, not knowing evil from good they deceive themselves primarily.  So many.  So many.  The chosen cannot help but to feel betrayed. But we too were deceived.

To the chosen few, 

We, most of our lives believed we were inferior to a world of Christians who said and did (it seemed) all the right things.  In so doing we ourselves were brought low by false comparison..  For so long we thought it was us who was bad and wrong...only to find out now, finally we were so deceived by comparing our insides with their outsides.  God has shown us who we are in Him.  The end times gifts have shown us who they really are.  Those who talk such a good talk.

It's heart breaking to see they (the majority of Christians) tricked us for so long.  Come to find out we are those who are men after God's own heart---not the majority.  We are those who Love Jesus and know His voice while the many follow after idolatry and blasphemous new gospel and the new Jesus.  We are heart broken by the realization that SO MANY have the mark of the beast on their forehead and few, few do not.  And they cannot see the mark as we do.

And in the end what did happen no longer "was". And those who did remember Truth were few. And so now what really was, never was except to the few. And what is should not be & was not. And so the beast filled the memories of the many as the tree of the knowledge of evil faded from view.....good is evil and evil is good screamed the many & the few. For even though the many are blind, some things they could still remember...how is it they know the end of time is near? The words of the many sometimes even feeds the few yet the many themselves have as blind guides, have no real understanding of their own words.  We think that
perhaps Father, by pouring out His Spirit upon ALL flesh has annointed the many with words for the few while they themselves by interpretation have no clue what they are really saying.  It's utterly amazing what God has done for His chosen few.  We feel almost guilty to see so much while the rest are blinded.

Clearly the parable of the talents became the prophecy of the talents.  Those who didn’t use the spiritual gifts they had have now lost them.  The redistribution of gifts occurred.

But also have come upon the winds, new gifts especially fitted for the end of days.  These gifts are new and different.

The chosen few, the elect can see the mark of the beast on the foreheads of mankind.  Also we can see other things on the foreheads of men by an abstract gift of shapes & shadows.

The chosen few can see the creature (raptor demon) that causes the strong delusion nesting on the heads of the many.

For Clarification, What is the strong delusion?

The strong delusion is triggered by a demonic entity that lands on the head or face and sticks like suction cups to the head.  It looks like a small raptor creature with four appendages and a head shaped like a raptor. Be not deceived, technology may have some part in the strong delusion but it is mainly dark & spiritual.

To be sure, God doesn’t send out lies.  We the few know it’s impossible for God to lie therefore this script is another falsity.

2nd Thess-So God send them a strong delusion….

We suppose it used to read ‘allowed them’ to be smitten with a strong delusion.

What does the strong delusion do to people?

It takes their memories (some of them) especially pertaining to the bible and many Mandela effects.  It interjects new memories therefore it can change reality & their own history in their minds.

It changes memories of the person who consummates with it, without them knowing a change has occurred.  Proof?  Proof is the supernatural bible changes and the Mandela effects that most Christians do not see.  The bible turns vile and the Christians still honor it glorify, and worship it calling the book by one of Jesus’ names.  Some even glorify the bible more than God Himself.


The strong delusion seems to be removing the effects of the tree of the knowledge of evil from the minds of these people so when they read vile and evil scripture that is new, even with new word terms they see it as “Godly” and have memory of these twisted new vile word terms like “spake” for instance or “goodly & betwixt” & so on.  The words scream of witchcraft.

Example-The new Jesus is teaching people MUST HATE THEIR LOVED ONES OR ELSE THEY CANNOT BE HIS DESCIPLE.  How in hell does any Christian rationalize such vile scripture?  Answer-Any way they can and be sure, they do and they will refute the English language making "hate" not mean hate.  If it was just one or even a hundred new vile scriptures perhaps we could rationalize it ourselves...but there are hundreds of new words that we, who knew the books inside out have NO MEMORY OF.  Perhaps its us who see who are under the strong delusion.  How do we know its not us?  Because the bible changes ARE EVIL and therefore tell us that those under the S. Delusion mind's are being made desolate.

Luk 14:26

“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”
The strong delusion is the "wing of abomination" that has flown and landed making men's minds desolate.  And making all bibles vile.  "His sheep know His voice".  For more examples

God Will Remove All Deceptive Bibles from Earth

Of course Satan will be blamed for that.

The days of a “Holy Bible” the holy place, are over.  There is no need for the book anymore, we now have God’s words written on our heart.  The Sword of The Spirit of God. (not some “spirit of His mouth” ridiculous!)

Oddly Christians still manage to glean Truth & goodness from the books but not for long.  Surely within the year the book will become desolate as it changes on the shelves along with men’s memories of it.  It IS WRITTEN (God’s words are written in the hearts of men and in Heaven) it will become desolate!  Desolate of wisdom, Love, and God’s great knowledge.

Another New End of Days supernatural gift is the ability to read prophecy in abstract shapes.  Similar to reading tea leaves but without the person needing to drink from the cup we can read abstract shapes as if reading a book.  Especially on the foreheads & heads of men.

The ability to read foreheads to not only to see the mark of the beast and the wing of abomination the raptor.  But also we can read prophecies in the foreheads of men.

Example-I looked on one man’s forehead and saw the pale horse of the apocalypse running.  That means this person will soon see the death rider for himself and will endure the end of days tribulation.  We hope those with both the mark of the beast and the seal of God will finally let go of their anchors to the beast system.  These are their heart’s attachments we have all had.  So too as they bring the vile bible to their breast it deceive them.

These earthly anchors could be people, or doctors, or reliance on the beast system such as money etc.  God’s Grace is sufficient for us nevertheless, the chosen are not perfect, no one is.  God looks upon the heart.  The chosen still may have an anchor or two they struggle with.  As long as flesh resides on us we will have fleshly side effects.

Confirmation of The Gift of Sight by Abstract Shapes

Granted some probably already had this gift but now it’s given far and wide to the chosen for end of days understanding.

A confirmation of the forehead reading gift was sent to “tribulation now” YT channel J. Kleck.  A drawing was sent of his face and head with not only was the creature –the raptor drawn nearly exactly as I drew it myself.  But also a dead sheep was drawn that the artist & visionary saw on the head of Jonathan Kleck. I am sure the gift of abstract shapes is how the 144 saw those things on the head of Kleck to draw them & send them in for our verification nation wide of the new sight gift and a verification of the raptor itself.

New gift-The chosen can also see the seal of God a cross or Jesus with His arms out on the foreheads of the chosen.

The Intercessors prayer life has increased and greatly improved.  They now know who they are, The Revelation 12 intercessors.  They now pray with the same authority as Jesus.  They are also given a more animated type of prayer. They are also given new weapons of spiritual warfare to both see & annihilate demons and their strong holds.

What Does a Strong Hold Look Like to The Chosen?

They appear as walls of demons, dark walls of different colors.  Some are larger than others.  We believe the “restrainer” may have been the lesser of two evils on earth.  One evil holding back another.  We see by the gift the restrainer is fading & nearly beaten.  He was a man in a black top hat who held back a mighty strong hold.

But for the end of the age to play out, God will allow the restrainer, be it Holy Spirit or evil or both to decrease so evil may increase.

We have seen a set up of doors on earth all over the highways that are set by sorcery & witches spells to accommodate Satan’s return to earth with his demons.  Most of the highway crosses are doors into hell that will soon open.

To close them you need consecrated ground or real holy water, a certain prayer in Jesus name and anointing oil.  If you want to close the doors near your neighborhood.  At night you will see the black cloud mass over these crosses, showing you that they are doors to Hell.

“Oh that is CRAZY!”  A List of Some of The New Gifts

Hell YES it’s crazy!  Make no mistake sorcery and witches are ushering in their Father just as we usher in Jesus’ return.  Test my words.  Why would the state put up all those crosses?  As if the beast gives a shit about the life of the slaves.  If anything the beast came to kill steal and destroy.  It does not accommodate goodness without an ulterior motive.  Hence the crosses.

New power over demons.

New sight to see demons.

Chosen can now heal themselves (to a point) sending their own tiny angels throughout their bodies to destroy demonic illness.

The chosen now know Truth from lies when they hear it, automatically.

The chosen are becoming far better at hearing the voice of God or their guides.

The chosen have been purified now knowing how to eat.  They are no longer dead animal eaters.

The chosen have learned earth’s bounty.

The chosen can understand animals sometimes.

The chosen can hear words in the thunder that voice has gone from labor to judgement.

The chosen know that God appoints gods.

The fallen serpents who know their father want desperately to be gods and to have the power of a god with eternal life.  Only The Creator appoints gods.

Jesus told us “be faithful with a little and I will give you authority over alot”.  That is panning out.

The chosen see the new earth coming.  Some will go home others will stay as guardians of the earth.

The chosen can feel the mechanical lock step of those who are controlled by the beast.  They can feel even the grouping together of the hive mind as it drives down the road.  They can feel those who are free from those who are in lock step as one mechanically moving together following the lead of the beast.  This is both spiritual and technological.  For instance they can feel the spirit of a man driving by in a car even though they cannot see him with their eyes.  All is being revealed.  We are in the great revealing for those who are of God.

Not only that but the chosen can actually feel like certain people feel within themselves.  You could call it a form of empathy but it runs much deeper.  If in danger the elect can feel the intentions of those around them who have ill motives.  We would have felt this for a long time saying “I just felt like my sister” or “I just felt like my friend”.

How can this be?  The elect could always feel the spirits of others therefore when they feel that spirit inside themselves they know who it is and what the intention is of that person.  More will be revealed of this gift.  I expect it will grow.

I may have left out several new gifts. I will update this article at some point.


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