By no other name can men be saved, save the mighty name of Jesus.

Depart from workers of iniquity who preach and bring you a new gospel and a new Jesus!   When they meet their maker will He say “I never knew you”.

Pray with your heart  God looks upon the heart.  Pray in Truth and be real, tell God your fears and confess your lack of trust….that, my friend is the beginning of an honest relationship with your Creator.


If you do not confess your true heart to Jesus then your not giving Him the truth about what you need changed within you. You need a new heart or a washed heart.  When Jesus cleanses your heart your mind and your hearts desires will change.  Peace of mind is so so valuable and that is one of the first things Jesus gave me among many.  I told Him I was afraid and did not trust Him, I confessed it.  But if you don’t know yourself…how will you speak truth to God unto deliverance and salvation?  Ask God to teach you who you are.  Ask for Truth, Knowledge, Faith, Hope, Trust in Him, Health, ask to be closer to Him.  Ask Him to give you His words that your words may be His words and His words may be your words.



I attest to you now the power of Faith & Hope in Jesus and the power of the alter call for the laying on of hands by the church members praying to Jesus with their hands on your shoulders and back while the person who needs healed raises their hands up praising Jesus and lifting up The Name of Jesus while receiving prayer.

This is how miracles happen.  Transference, Faith, Hope, and Love by the people.

Time and time again I have been healed, delivered from bondage/addiction/etc. and delivered from anxiety and panic attacks that were so bad I would hide away somewhere in fear of people.  I picked up a horrible spirit of fear while using Cocaine.  I have been delivered from it for years.  I did not have another panic attack after prayer by the laying on of hands in JESUS NAME. See my testimony here.


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