Satan Evil God Righteous? Not according to the NEW BIBLE CHANGES

Wickedness=Evil, Good=Godly….Ah Not so much.  It’s now more of a case by case scripture by scripture viewpoint of evil=good, evil=bad=condemnation, & good=godly but also Evil=Godly Evil=blessed(not condemned) and  Evil=Holy.  God=Repents

Don’t expect your average Christian to notice that his KJV Bible has gone corrupt and upside down.  Oh no…..their hearts side with the blasphemous new changes therefore evil and revenge is right up their alley of favorites.  I searched the words “I and Evil” and came up with countless scripture of God not only doing evil upon hoards of His people but also He now claims to do all the evil that is.

So who is really the God of the Bible now?  One who states proudly that “all evil that exists is done by me”.  that’s right!

Ya, back in the day it was “evil bad” “good-good” now its “evil good” “evil bad” depending on what context in the book that its done.  God can condemn evil in us then turn and commit evil upon us.  Not once, but rather countless times.  This is lies.  Satan is in control of the KJV Bible and has been since probably 2012.

Amo 3:6  or LOOK AMOS AND three sixes or 666 how appropriate for the scripture.  If this isn’t Satan talking as we know Satan well something wrong.

“Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?”
This says God does all evil. And the KJVB scribes and experts didn’t know how to capitalize after a question mark….but again don’t expect your average Christian to notice the poor grammar in our former literary masterpiece of a book they are CLEARLY deep into the strong delusion and are blind.
People there are hundreds of scriptures now of God promoting evil and committing horrifying evil in the KJVB.  Is that okay? Hell no especially when few so called believers can see the difference.  The Bible has become a book of fables.

Ezekiel 14:22
Ezekiel 33:11
Dan 9:14
Dan 9:12
Joe 2:13

God is doing evil and repenting now all over the old testament.  Used to be “evil is wicked” and “good is godly”   This was the unadulterated precept of God, Jesus and His followers.

Forget all that people the lines are blurred concerning good and evil in the corrupt BOOK.  Don’t you dare call the book “The Word of God” unchangeable when we can buy 10 translations and look at the changes to each.  Its carnal, a book, changeable.  Jesus Himself is the Word of God.

This time KJVB has been changed by supernatural means…THE STRONG DELUSION IS UPON THE BIBLE AND THOSE READING IT who believe and exalt it ESPECIALLY.


“And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.

First of all we don’t “rend our hearts” rend means rip FURTHERMORE the word was always spelled “rent”.  He rent his clothes and prayed face down in sackcloth and ashes.  “Rend” is a new word.

NOW the real scriptures and prophecies of the bible ARE becoming a “book of fables” and Amos 8:11 a famine of God’s words in the land has come to pass.

“And in the last days men shall call evil good and good evil.”  Also scriptures about a new Jesus and a new gospel are fulfilled.  If they preach to you a new gospel depart from it. But now the NT reads “if they come to you with a new gospel you do well to bear with them”.  Or some trash like that opposite of what it said.

But DO NOT EXPECT your fellow Christians to see any of this.  They are deep in sleep, the strong delusion has defiled them because they dropped their belt of Truth and by their own deceit they have in turn been deceived greatly by the strong delusion at hand of the “The desolation of abomination is in The Holy Place.”  The Holy Bible has become desecrated.

The Christians are clueless as to what God’s precepts are and to what is evil and what is good.  They have lost their heart’s compass people.

Herein lies the problem…once the mark of the beast is implemented to buy and sell those who take it will be numbed 100% to God’s voice and His will.  These people will turn to blood thirsty proclaimed Christians who will scream for the heads of true believers who know and do the will of God.

Have you been out and about lately?  People are full of hate and primed to a state of gladiator type law the coliseums of blood.  It’s coming.


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