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Enter the Psychopath Gene

Psychopath Gene Isolated for Human Genetic Engineering.


What is the image of the beast?

That’s really easy…the phone or TV or both.    How to worship the image of the beast.

By believing what it says and believing the news is true and follow the directions it gives you.  By giving homage to the narrative that the TV spews you could be worshipping it.

Man cannot serve two gods.  He will hate one and love the other.

If you have on the belt of Truth and have become self aware then…

Likely you realize how the TV affected you during childhood and growing up being set in front of it by mama, and spoon fed it’s lies for years on end.

If your aware then by now you feel betrayed by it. Realizing what its done to your thought processes.  Realizing how it has programmed us all.  And so we should deprogram from it accordingly.

Does this mean you can’t watch TV?  If it does I am in trouble.  Not all things are expedient but by free will all things are permitted and we should be aware of their consequences.  God doesn’t punish us in this flesh.  He allows us to walk into our own consequences from our choices.  Grace is the only way to avoid karma that’s in place.

TV is your choice.  But be aware.  You can learn from it, or it can own you.

Personally I sew outfits for a living and still watch TV when working.  My TV habits have changed dramatically.  It’s not easy to watch anything that is full of propaganda so I don’t.  I watch youtube and netflix with a filter.  I hate the TV knowing it is a god.   And I serve Jesus and rely on Him wholly.  He is my foundation.

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