Bible Change….Now according to 1st Peter The Earth was created of water and by water.”

1st Peter 3:5

“But they deliberately overlook the fact that long ago by God’s word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water and by water”

The KJV does not cosign this “earth created by water” agenda however they have removed some of the scripture that should say “by His word” God spoke the Earth into existence.

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Jesus Now Referred to as a “Bishop” in the KJVB

What next and WHEN WILL THE SHEEP WAKE UP TO THE BLASPHEMOUS BIBLE CHANGES?  Maybe never.  What are these passages below saying?  Do whatever the “King” tells you even if you suffer for it or even if it means taking the mark of the beast? APPARENTLY.


READ WHAT IT SAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why why WHY CAN’T THE SHEEP SEE THE BIBLE CHANGES ARE BLASPHEMOUS?  Because they have fallen under the strong delusion.  God help them all.  The sheep have lost their belt of truth and their breastplate of righteousness has fallen to the pavement.

All the sheep have left is their HELMET OF SALVATION.  Praise God this may bring them unto repentance from the Satanic new Bible at some point.  God has shown Jazweeh, she believes that there will be a time set aside after the 1/3 of mankind have perished for the lost sheep who are saved, yet lost to repent of the Satanic Bible Worship of the KJV Bible that is CORRUPT through and through. See EYA on youtube while her channel is still up.

Submit yourselves to EVERY ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme;
Personally I will not sin against God to serve a froward king, not in this age and time.
Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.
For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: (NO THAT’S BLIND OBEDIENCE PROMOTION)
As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.
Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.


Furthermore More Bible Changes in the KJV

No Longer is Moses put in a basket on the River Nile.  The story has change, he is put in an “ark of bulrush” made of SLIME & PITCH…..okay whatever.  No baskets no “Holy” writing. The book is a disgrace and a sin against God Himself. For those who make the changes by the serpent’s wheel….YOU WILL ANSWER FOR THESE LIES.  This I assure you humans whoever you are.

Unusual Flooding in the U.S. & a Future Prediction of a “NEW MISSOURI”

Mainstream news as always is minimizing this little factoid of record flooding in the U.S. 2019 NOW over multiple states.   I can’t seriously believe anybody still depends on mainstream news.  Lets face it folks, if we want truth we must dig.  And we have become …..I dare say lazy because of our perception of the news coming to us in one fell swoop called CBS and the rest.  We have to use 1. a different search engine than google then we must read uhg!  There is a youtube channel I have heard is very good with keeping up with true weather but it will scare the …out of you at

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The Age of Grace is OVER

What does this mean that the age of grace is over?

We are in end days.  The strong delusion is upon the many.  If you are one who sees the Bible changes you are a rarity and must protect yourself.  If you see the blasphemous scripture changes that change “bread” to “meat” in most places biblically and has changed Truth to lies as scriptures promoting us to stay in our sin by “let him who is unjust be unjust still” and so on, if you see it means you have Loved Truth and kept your belt of Truth ON most of the time anyway. Continue reading “The Age of Grace is OVER”

Are there any True Prophets in our Time? I believe so.

From Jazweeh.  Jazweeh is led by God (she believes) to exhibit this woman who is on Youtube sharing her Dreams and Visions of End Times.

This is not to puff up but rather to ENCOURAGE and share in hopes that others will watch and see her.  Jazweeh has watched Kerry-Ann for over a year and has confirmed her as authentic believer and as in TRUTH.  Jesus is The Truth.

God has labeled her “Regal” which me and Jazweeh had to look up to find what it means.  It’s pretty amazing, quite a title to be blessed with of God.

“REGAL”  a SONG RE-WRITTEN for you, from wordly to Godly, from carnal to Regal.


Name is linked to channels on YT

Prophetess Dream & Visions End time Visonist and Regal

What is a godly Regal?

of, resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified.
“her regal bearing”
synonyms: majestic, fit for a king/queen/prince/princess, grand, impressive, imposing, splendid, superb, magnificent, noble, proud, stately, dignified, exalted, glorious, striking, spectacular, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, sumptuous, opulent, fine, luxurious, deluxe, lavish, resplendent, monumental, palatial, august, distinguished, great;

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In a Country where ALL “Respectable” Men Dress Like This…..

Something is VERY WRONG

I submit to you that the beast system has programmed and brainwashed the human race of men into doing ANYTHING that the rest of the heard considers normal. Like wearing ties and suits.   So if only for a moment a man can release from that system’s grip of self loathing and belittlement and briefly, if only for a moment, feel RIGHT.  The beast system paints us as ‘wrong’ then sits back and laughs as they set the “norms” for us, however ridiculous it may be…and the sheeple follow “SUIT” grasping for validation by conformity.

Thing is few sheep will ever review their true perception of self (that he HAS been programmed into by design) he is blind.  The evidence of self loathing is in his defensiveness and treatment of others.

Mark Now this Day The “Day of Certain Vindication”


Sidenote 1: You won't see this stuff on CNN people.  Seldom will you get a validation of pure spiritual matters if the elite can help it.  They hide our God in every way they can. Lies, chemtrails, history, geography, cosmology, science, educations, programming (TV) status quo programs, dumbing down by chemical poisons on EVERYTHING.  And I mean EVERYTHING IS POISONED.
Sidenote 2: Every time you buy something from the store ask yourself this question: "How are they trying to kill me with this product and what should I do to protect myself from its spells, and poisons?"  Example: I bought a pair of yard hedgers from dollar store.  The handles were covered in a toxic oil that had to be removed by soap and hot water.  My guess: It gets activated by sweat and enters the blood through the skin and does God only knows what.  We already know petroleum is Carcinogenic.  I surmise the oil is far worse than petroleum.  I surmise the elite have stepped up agenda 21.  Our country is not its own.

Article topics:


Mandela Effect Scripture Change easily adopted as truth is it not?

Sleep on lost sheep sleep on. Perhaps it was Jesus Himself who quite recently changed this KJVB scripture from “awaken the time is at hand” to “sleep-on” as if Jesus would encourage blindness and spiritual complacency.

How do you remember the scripture in KJV?  Would Jesus every really encourage the destruction of a precious soul.  Jesus told the Apostles to “Sleep on” instead of “Awaken! The time is at hand” as it used to read.  Not to mention (but I will) the new scripture that reads “let him who is evil BE EVIL STILL let him who is just BE JUST STILL”  Okay?  So what happened to “turn from evil”…be born again, renewed, made new, changed, repent, repent????? Really “BE UNJUST STILL”????

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Understanding EMF

a unit of power equal to one millionth of a watt. Symbol : μW, μw

MILLIWATT-    a unit of power equal to one thousandth of a watt. Abbreviation : mW

MILLIGAUSS-  One-thousandth of a gauss (mG). It’s the unit of measurement for magnetic fields most commonly used in North America

TESLA “T” – is a derived unit of the magnetic induction (also, magnetic flux density) in the International System of Units.

NANO TESLA nT stands for nano-Tesla (10^-9 Tesla; magnetic field strength measurement unit)  nT stands for nano-Tesla

WATT- One watt Watts are a measurement of power, describing the rate at which electricity is being used at a specific moment. For example, a 15-watt LED light bulb draws 15 watts of electricity at any moment when turned on. Watt-hours are a measurement of energy, describing the total amount of electricity used over time.

The number of watts is equal to amps multiplied by volts. That’s it! In other words, watt=amp X volt. Sometimes you will see this formula written as W=A X V.

 is also defined as the current flow of one ampere with voltage of one volt.

Dr. Mercola explains certain emf field health effects:

Also Definitions below

Here are a list of easy to understand, not too technical electromagnetic field (EMF) definitions.

If there is a definition you are looking for which you can’t find on this page, let me know in the comment box at the bottom of the page and I’ll add it in!  SCROLL SIDE TO SIDE

Electromagnetic field definitions 

Alternating current

An electrical current that changes strength and direction of flow with a certain regular cycle. For example, 60 Hertz alternating current (AC) is an electrical current that changes its polarity (from positive to negative and back to positive; a complete cycle) sixty times per second.


A unit of measure for electric current. Amperes or amps are quantity. Thought of in terms of water, amps are like gallons or buckets (volts are the pressure – see below).


Amplitude is the measurement of the maximum of peak displacement compared to the zero rest level, that’s to say its the height of the wave. The unit of amplitude varies with the kind of waves we are talking about. E.g. The amplitude of an electric field is measured in V/m.


An antenna is a conductor that can send and receive EMFs such as microwave, radio or satellite signals. A high-gain antenna increases signal strength, a low-gain antenna receives or transmits over a wide angle. Also called an aerial.


Attenuation is the opposite of amplification. It means reduction in signal strength. For RF shielding products the attenuation is commonly expressed in decibels (dB) at a certain frequency because the attenuation changes according to the frequency.

Attenuation Specification

The attenuation specification for a shielding material indicates how much radiation penetrates through the shield.

Bus or busbar

A bar with screw connections for either neutral or grounding conductors.


As far as electricity goes in the US this refers to the National Electrical Code (NEC), which is revised every three years.


Any material which passes electrical current. Metal is generally used as a conductor – other substances such as the earth or the human body can be good conductors which partly explains the health issues with EMFs.


Typically metal pipes for carrying electrical wiring though they can be made of PVC or other materials. They can act as grounding conductors for electrical circuits in some circumstances.


An electric current is a flow of electric charge through a power line or an electric wire. Like water flows through a pipe an electric current flows in a wire. Where currents flow magnetic fields are produced.

Direct current (DC)

An electric current that flows in one direction only, as opposed to AC which flows back and forth.

Distribution lines

Lines carrying power to neighborhoods (primary distribution) and to one or several buildings (secondary distribution).

Directional EMF Meter

A directional EMF meter can detect EMFs from a given direction as opposed to an omni-directional (or triaxial) meter which at any time gives the reading of the EMFs coming from all directions in a given position. It may be seen as an advantage for a RF meter to be directional because it allows you to determine the direction of the RF source.

Dirty Electricity

A form of electrical pollution commonly found on house wiring. For a detailed explanation of dirty electricity and what to do about it click here.


English term for ground.

Electric field

A zone of potential difference between oppositely charged conductors or between conductors and ground. It’s measured in volts per meter or V/m. Electric field is a function of voltage and not of current.

Electromagnetic Fields

An electromagnetic field, also called an EMF, is a region of space where electric and magnetic forces interact. Often used to refer to the general phenomena associated with fields spreading out from conductors or antennas, depending on the frequency.

Electromagnetic spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum or EMF spectrum is used to show the relationship between different types of EMFs according to their frequency and wavelength.


A term used to refer to the excessive density of electromagnetic fields, from both wired and wireless sources, in the environment.


Extremely low frequencies are in the range 1-300 Hz though sometimes defined as being up to 3kHz. Your homes’ electrical wiring (60Hz in US) is in this ELF range.


EMFs are expressed in terms of their frequency and wavelength. Frequency is how many complete waves go by per second. This rate per second is expressed in Hertz (Hz).


A unit used for measuring magnetic field strength (flux density). Milligauss (mG) is more commonly used for measuring health impacts. One gauss equals 1,000 milligauss. Tesla or microTesla is used more commonly in Europe. 1 µT (microtesla) = 10 mG (milligauss)


A device used to measure magnetic field strength.


Used as a verb or noun. As a verb it means to connect in some way to either earth or to a conductor which serves in place of the earth. Sometimes used when the more accurate term would be “bond.” N.B. it is not the earth connection which protects a circuit from a “ground fault,” but a solid connection back to the transformer neutral.


Harmonics and transients are a form of “noise” or “distortion” which attach to the fundamental wave, thereby producing a distorted waveform. Commonly known as dirt electricity.


Used to measure the rate at which charge changes polarity of an AC electric current. One Hertz is one cycle per second.


As a noun it refers to the ungrounded circuit conductor carrying the voltage.

Ionizing Radiation

According to the World health Organization (WHO), it’s “radiation with enough energy so that…….it can remove tightly bound electrons from the orbit of an atom, causing the atom to become charged or ionized”. These unpaired electrons are otherwise termed ‘free radicals’.


A material which is a poor conductor of electric current.

Magnetic field

A zone of energy which accompanies every electric current. Can be an AC or DC magnetic field (MF) – measured in milligauss. A typical source of magnetic fields is faulty electrical wiring and power lines.


In the US the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) defines “microwaves” as a subcategory of RF radiation operating at frequencies ranging from about 1 GHz upward


One-thousandth of a gauss (mG). It’s the unit of measurement for magnetic fields most commonly used in North America.


Or neutral conductor. The common term for a grounded conductor (GC), white in the US.

Non-ionizing radiation

Devices like cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi emit non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation has the ability to break molecular bonds, non-ionizing radiation was once considered safe because it can’t do this.


Usually refers to one of the voltage carrying conductors in a power line or in an entrance cable to a building.


The positioning of each phase of the circuit on a utility line with respect to the other phases so as to minimize EMFs through cancellation.

Power Line Frequency EMFs

Otherwise known as ‘extremely low frequency’ (ELF) electromagnetic fields (see above). The frequencies used are typically in the 50 – 60 Hz range. These frequencies are what typically should be found on household wiring.


A term for energy which leaves its source and travels. Power frequencies as found in electrical wiring generate negligible radiation. Radio frequencies and above are true radiating sources.

Radio Frequency Radiation (RF)

These are high frequency EMFs in the range 10 MHz-300 GHz. This category of EMFs is transferred through the air; the term “wireless” is often used. They relate essentially to telecommunication devices like cell phones, WiFi etc. Click here for a more detailed explanation of radio frequency radiation.


The property of a material to resist the flow of electrical current. Current flowing through resistance always results in dissipation of energy usually in the form of heat.

Service Drop

The overhead which brings power to a residence or business from the distribution line. It usually attaches to the eave of the building if overhead.


Methods used for reducing EMF exposures.

Short circuit

An unintentional connection between hot and neutral conductors in a circuit or between two hots.

Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

A device used to convert electrical power and commonly found in many modern electrical devices that work at low voltage including smart meters, DECT phone chargers, computers etc. SMPS converts voltage and current (AC to DC) by constantly switching the source on and off to supply the needed voltage at the output. This switching can create dirty electricity. The alternative, linear mode power supply avoids this problem by offering a constant voltage but is less energy efficient and more expensive.

Stray Voltage

A misnomer, neutral current does not stray, it follows all available paths to complete the circuit back to the transformer or substation.

Tri-axial EMF Meter

A tri-axial EMF meter is a meter which gives a reading based on the 3 axes (X,Y and Z). To obtain the equivalent with a single axis meter, in any given location typically means you would have to take measurements on the x, y and z axes, square these numbers then add them together and take the square root. One of the best known Tri-axial EMF meters is the Trifield meter.


A large unit of measure for magnetic fields. One tesla (T) equals 10,000 gauss. One microtesla equals 10 milligauss.

Three-Phase Service

A service that brings in all three phases from the power line plus the neutral. Common in commercial buildings.
Two-Phase Service

Service that brings in two of the three phases from the power line plus a neutral. This type of service always produces significant neutral current since the two phases never balance.

Very Low Frequency (VLF)

EMFs in the frequency range of 3 kHz to 30 kHz.


Used to measure electrical potential. Its the electrical force which propels current in a conductor. The usual comparison is with water. A volt is the pressure, like psi in water, but applied to electrons.

Volts per meter

Electric fields are usually measured in volts per meter (V/M).


The distance between waves. As frequency increases, wavelength decreases, and vice versa. At 60 Hz the wavelength is approximately 3,100 miles. At radio frequency ranges the wavelength is closer to thirty or forty feet.

Message to the Quest by Automatic Writing

You know who you are to receive this message from on High

Deceive not the Ferryman.
AUTOMATIC WRITING MESSAGE FOR POWERFUL ENTITIES AND LEADERS OF THE HOARDS.  YOUR HOARDS SHALL FALL HARD AND FAST (speaketh Jazweeh by automatic writing, she does not know these named nor has she claimed to know or see them.)
Wake up Gjemmatria, wake up Palagennis your salvation(of angelic deliverance) draweth nigh.  Pray for deliverance and that ye not be deceived by yourself and denial.
Wake up Sembaza.  Wake up spirit of conquest.  Draweth nigh unto the Father now and He will help you remember just who you really are in Him & by HIm.

You will be made whole again for your sacrifice was mighty.

Wake up Telenozii.  Wake up Schommballa.  Treason is of the past now your low state shall be lifted.  Now your mighty men shall draw their invisible swords unto the darkness and take down the wall of demons that have prevented and prevailed in times past.
Shammmanaza shall fall with his families of blood & light.
Chengezza & Aria is abruptly barron of her helper, dark helper.  Chengezza shall burn with her children unto the days of her reckoning.  The split is nigh.  The restoration lies still and hides in the night as if demonic.  You can not see it.  You will not know it until it be upon you.
Does not he dark hide as light in plain sight?  And so did you not think the light could not also hide as darkness and sin?  Would that be beyond Love’s capacity?  The greatest lights are being lifted now.  Do you not hear?  Do you not feel?  Ah ye how you feel and see.
They are among the peasants of sin who are beyond counting.  By this you will NEVER relay them into your force.
Jestthami quauszo is the STAMP. Seal.
Rejoice quazoa…God has changed His mind to again forgive you, fear not and cry.  Then come, come NOW. Are you not called, did you think He would abandon you? Yes it was for the children. All for the separation of the chldren. This was the cause and this was your task of a broken truth, a broken path, a broken intent, by it you WILL BE EXALTED you were chosen above all the angels to depart and fall. For the children ken my ken


Who are The Bride of Christ? How do we Recognize the 144,000. (Bible Changes)

BELIEVERS BEWARE, BE WARY (scroll to heading for bride &, 144,00 paragraphs) click “continue reading” if on homepage then scroll.

“Pride Comes before a Fall” and right now the changed Mandela affected KJV is urging YOU and me to engage in false pride and GLORY SEEKING.  False pride opposed to “pride” that is good to build self worth after a job well done.  True pride exhorts humility & self worth without it we have no confidence in ourselves.  True Pride shows us we are blessed children of God who do have the power to do good.  And to say “I have accomplished this task and it is good”.  Engage not in lying false humilities.

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Donald Trump is NOT who he appears to be Jazweeh concludes

Two readings of Trump.  One before the breakthrough at bottom & one after.

We believe the prophecy of the battle of evermore by Led Zepplin has spoken o f Trump as “The Tyrant”. 


UPDATE:   Mr. Trump shows great deception in his right eye.  Also he is condescending to women.  His left eyes is the problem.  Left eyes is glazed over with a seared conscience.  His seared conscience is preceded by the all seeing eye of power.  He has uploaded a great demon that owns half of his consciousness by dominance.  This demon SEES.  The demon knows its enemies and ends them without remorse.

Clearly in his left eye is the “Tyrant” who is fully capable of pushing the button to kill millions without conscience Jazweeh believes.  She got this info after the first more shallow reading below. Please know Trump shows compassion in the right eye.  But there is utter conflict between his two personalities.  He was hurt deeply as a child so he knows empathy by that.  PEople who know him fear because they do NOT know which Don will be present.  The Tyrant or the compassionate man.  Please disregard parts of the reading below as it was before Jazweeh got her breakthrough of site into his soul.

He also shows childlike funning and she can hear him saying things like “I love you most kitten”, lets watch a disney movie together and have some popcorn.  He is torn and shows that someone has seared his conscience maybe even by surgery by heating the part of the brain that holds regret, remorse, and guilt.  He has been altered either surgically or spiritually or both so as to be a ruthless conquistador.   A warrior must not suffer from guilt of conscience or he would fail at being ruthless.  It is the abuse he suffered from his formative years that has caused his emotional pain.  He is defensive at the drop of a pin concerning any insults close to him but he wears his mask relentlessly.  No one must see that he gets his feelings hurt he feels.

The man has never been permitted to be human and vulnerable except by design in certain childlike ways that have been programmed into him.  He has tech in his brain most likely to increase IQ , wit, and memory.   His left leg has vein removed that is now in his head which gives him extra oxygen and blood flow equipping the tech for greater brain function.  This is a national security secret.

He had a special dog that he has cloned over and over the only thing he has ever trusted.

His wife is CIA and is his handler.


The eyes of Donald Trump, the window to the soul show the equality of a shoe salesmen from Vermont who has led a very simple life.  How can this be?  We expected to see tyranny and rage, great fear and diabolical power.

Who is Donald J. Trump?  Jazweeh is perplexed that the windows to his soul do not match in the slightest his repertoire and successful implications .

Clearly he has a strong veil over his eyes by black magic casting.

Jazweeh has the gift of sight to read eyes as the eyes are the mirror to the soul.  She has embraced her gift for years on end. She can see every demon and strong man which dwells in the houses of men, which is the human body.

Instead she had to do an emotional reading of his surface mental and physical personality giveaways.   The earmarks (giveaways) of his face & eyes reading are obvious and very poignant.

Donald Trump has a black magic veil over his eyes

Why is she perplexed?   She says she cannot read Donald J. Trump with any depth of certainty of who he is. She cannot get a spiritual confirmation of his power and wealth of character that he portrays.

Jazweeh believes either there is a covering over the eyes of him hiding his dark soul secrets or he is a puppet to the masses and not at all who he portrays to be.  All she has seen is the following.

Even with the veil this is his surface emotional condition

  1. He is emotionally stunted to the point of being akin to a deeply emotionally ill child who relies on false pride as their self worth.    He shows signs of great emotional immaturity.  Furthermore he is types as a “tyrant” in the decoding of the song by Led Zeppelin “Battle of Evermore”. 
  2. Put it this way, he appears to be emotionally immature to the point of emotional illness.  Example:  If you angered him he would attack you as a knee jerk reaction to his bruised pride.  He lacks emotional maturity and self worth as do most U.S. citizens who have been programmed to think they are “bad and wrong”.  He is no different in his initial programming.  This is surprising and makes Jazweeh wonder if he is just an actor and puppet. He doesn’t seem to have the eyes to match his portfolio.
  3. Clearly Mr. Trump is NOT who he is pretending to be. Or he may be covered by a spell that is blocking spiritual sight into his eyes.
  4. He shows some evidence of common human emotional hurt and pain.  Hurt is in every eye.
  5. He has a boatload of false pride.  His self worth is very low therefore he relies on counterfeit self worth which is false pride and ego.
  6. He trusts no one
  7.  He is suspicious of others to the point of twisted insight, meaning he may accuse the innocent because of his deep distrust.
  8. He has love and compassion.
  9. His wife on the other hand has deep disturbing and powerful eyes.

  1. I guess she is his handler and has authority over him.  She is the one with the eyes to match both witch and CIA agent.   She is much more informed than he is and may be the real president.
  2. His wife shows signs of having gazed into a place that was not of this world.  She seems grounded by some strong force of power.  Otherwise what she has seen in the supernatural realm would have destabilized her.  But both her eyes are balanced to one another.
  3. Very likely she has seen beyond, perhaps into the future.  Also I would guess that she is one of Saton’s high priests.
  4.   And she is some kind of CIA or NSA or other acronym agent.  She has high military clearance and a vast education.  She speaks many languages.
  5. Evanka has no doubt proved herself as secret agent with all the criteria that entails.  Just use your imagination.  Look at her eyes and the depth they portray compared to Trump.
  6. Trump is clearly not the man he is portrayed to be.  His eyes are shallow as if he was just some simple guy who is smart enough to memorize a script.
  7. Jazweeh apologizes for the shallow reading of Mr. Trump.  But that’s all that is there.  To be the successful man that he is today and have all the money they say he has….there is no way his eyes would be that shallow.
  8. If he were really who he is portrayed to be, his eyes would show the part, they would be deep with dark, dark, diabolical insight, past sin and guilt, shame, pain, along with haroing rage, anger, dominance, power, and depth would all show in his eyes surfacing from a heart that has lived the war it is to be counted as an elite.  He would have to show many more character defect patterns than he has shown.
  9. Even George Bush shows a deep instability and emotional devastation due to his victimhood.  He probably sits in a mental hospital as we speak.  The man has been deeply neglected and abused by some authority.  But that’s another matter.
  10. All Jazweeh sees in Trump is false pride, emotional illness, distrust of others, love and compassion.  He has NO DEEP INSIGHTS OF THIS YOU CAN BE CERTAIN.
  11. Therefore we must conclude that he is a simple man, with an average intellect, average emotions.  And he has lived an average past.  Put it this way, he has the eyes of a shoe salesmen from Vermont, who got two years of community college under his belt, had one girlfriend all his life, and has a hint of down syndrome in his blood but not enough to hinder him except emotionally.
  12. If Trump read this reading it wouldn’t matter that I am a nobody, he would have my head no doubt.

When you see the Abomination of Desolation Standing in The Holy Place

Related image


Mat 24:15

“When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand(ing) in the holy place, G5117 (whoso readeth, let him understand:)”
Notice the smiley face at the end of the prophecy?
The recent and continuous desecration of the KJV Bible is a desecration of the words of God in the Holy Bible.   The word “Standing” was recently Mandela effect changed to “stand” which makes no sense.   Satan IS standing and speaking in what was The Holy Bible.
Don’t you find it interesting that it says “let the reader understand” after the end times prophecy words of Jesus.  Most interpret this scripture to mean the temple to be built and then desecrated.  But “holy place” is not temple.

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Signs in the Heavens Jan. 08, 2019

I caught this on a 2 second news flash for upcoming story on 5:30 the 01-08-19 evening news however they never played the story for some reason. I had to find it on the internet from the info they gave saying this did happen in Australia because of a dust storm.  I suppose they either did not want to confirm any end times warnings or they just took the story down by priority of importance.  Who knows.

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