The High Speed Solution to Proven 5g Health Hazards

ALL THE INTERNET PROVIDERS ARE CONCERNED WITH IS MONEY and agenda 21- DEPOPULATION. The elite have proven this to me by the food, water, and now smart meters and 5g.

Directions for changing router settings which this article is subject around for health reasons is at bottom below and in depth, the tech directions won’t make sense till you first learn to login to your personal router page.(not wifi login) And if you have a smart meter your really screwed. You must “opt out” with your power company for an analog right away and pay the price because SMART METER health risks are far greater than the 5g risks

Ethernet WIRED connection is way faster than wifi and proven to be, I am saying wire your most used devices and turn of all wifi at least 5g by router settings and on windows. Please read this all the way through and watch the video below your HEALTH depends on it.

YOU DO NOT WANT any wifi ESPECIALLY 5G WI FI RUNNING THROUGH YOUR HOUSE and brain 24/7 PLEASE TRUST ME I HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH. 5 g is created to CROSS THE BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER that keeps our brains safe to a point. 5G AND especially smart meters are making people sick everywhere cause they cross that blood brain barrier. The elite and power mongers are keeping it quiet of course. The health effects of 5g any way you look at it are grievous.

As you may not know you can go into your router and turn off either BOTH WIFI radios 2.4 AND 5.0 AND THE RADIO SIGNALS THAT GO WITH THEM and still use Ethernet wired internet.

There will be 4 settings to make you safe from wifi in your home. And you can still use your router with Ethernet and it’s faster than WiFi AND HAS NO HEALTH RISKS. 10,000 studies say what I am telling you is true about health. For now use just the 2.4 WiFi (till you get your long CAT 6 (high speed) or 7 Ethernet cords cheap online) turn off 5g frequency and connection in router settings at the very least!

FACT: THE FCC healthy GUIDELINES for wifi ONLY TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE ACTUAL BURNING OF YOUR SKIN FROM 5.G THAT IS CONSIDERED THE SAFE LIMIT for humans. So if it doesn’t microwave your skin to the point of obvious burning they are allowed to say it’s “safe”. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. scripture.

Turn OFF BOTH AT NIGHT WHEN SLEEPING SO YOU CAN DREAM AGAIN. You still need your router on for Ethernet wire just plug it into your modem or wall to your computer to use internet. Again wifi has 4 different settings should be turned off 2 radios and 2 connections for BOTH 2.4 & 5g all wifi in home to be off. YOU CAN TURN OFF BOTH WIFI TYPES AND STILL USE ETHERNET TO GO ONLINE. DO THIS AT NIGHT While sleeping at the very least. And if there are growing brains in the house this is VITAL for the babies health. WiFi does not have to be on for you to use an Ethernet connection through your router. If you don’t have enough outlets for all your devices in wall for DSL, Fiber optics or broadband, or modem-satellite internet) they make adapters for Ethernet.

Scientist Warns of 5G Dangers Everything You Need To Know Watch this Youtube video doctors and scientists are banding together TO WARN US but if we don’t see it or hear it we don’t know.   FAKE NEWS WON’T AIR THIS.

The power companies and internet providers ARE LYING. They want you to think 5g makes wifi faster when WIRED is the fastest They have programmed us to think we NEED TO USE 5G cause it’s status quo and convenient., Furthermore Ethernet IS PROVEN TO BE FASTER THAN ANY WIFI.

How to Buy Best Ethernet Cables | Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 7 | Electronics Notes

Ethernet is faster here is what google says=
“Ethernet refers to your “internet cable” where as WiFi is a wireless connection. Wifi is convenient but slower in speeds. Ethernet involves a physical connection but offers potentially faster transfer speeds. … Ethernet is the name given to the wired connectivity between networking devices.” Wire your TV and Lap top.

5G Technology: Potential Risks To Human Health: Excerpts From Scientific Conference This video is more complex not as to the point as first.

IF SPEED IS what you want Ethernet effectively give you the best connection possible. Turn off the wifi all together. IGNORE the alarming “if you turn this off your squittled” message that your router or browser will give you. Do you want Alzheimer or one of their man made brain cancers? The elite would prefer you docile and manageable. You are in the category of “useless eater” to them.


Also turn off the wifi from your computer (right bottom of screen where it shows all available connections) so it’s not picking any invaders outside your domain. THIS IS GREAT FOR SECURITY REASONS ALSO AS you can figure as no one can hack your computer if your only allowing a wired connection to it.

You may need to click on Network and Internet settings (bottom right screen again) /then wifi/ then “change adapter options” if you have problems getting the Ethernet to kick in in Windows. Disable the Ethernet connection while it is wired to your internet connection there in Windows settings then enable it again. I have had that problem with Windows 10 when making the switch from wifi to wired.

The army is using electromagnetic and radio frequency as a weapon. The have perfected it to point and shoot. If is theorized the deadly ongoing California explosive fires are from these weapons to move the population out of green zones
(.Agenda 21,disasters, and You., page 1 It’s lethal and will fry you like a microwave…by the way I would get the microwave out of the house especially the old one’s leak bad.

Okay that’s it. So before you even buy the ethernet simply start using the 2.4 again by turning off 2 settings in router 5g connection and 5g radio signal. You don’t have to buy anything to do this and it will save your brain.



The prerequisite to making your network health safe. how to login to your router below or online. I tend to over explain you may find easier directions online. (this is not the same as wifi login at all) SEARCH THIS “how to login to [my brand router page] & router defaults] Then familiarize yourself with the settings mainly wifi and radios for wifi

You will need to Login to your brand of router as each router has a system control panel login page for owner and tech.  Your router would be ( Netgear, Asus, Belkin, etc) by finding the defaults for router login online of your brand. And defaults for User name and password online of that brand router. Then change default password or they are simple to hack.  If these links are not detailed enough use the directions below “how to login to router” (not wifi).

Attention this router login is not a wifi login or a wifi password…it’s a router control system login most people are not aware of.

To make router login simple & easy just download the app from playstore for your smartphone users WiFi Analyzer Pro – Apps on Google Play This is an Android app hopefully there is an iphone version. Laws are quickly changing for these type router apps. What this will do for you after you “analyze your network” and you can SEE EVERY DEVICE ON YOUR WIFI NETWORK, is give you option to “login to router page”. It will find the I.P. page for you which is usually at one of these I.P. address depending on your brand of router. or or Usually you have to use chrome because other browsers tend to just bring up some irrelevant search page, that is not the page you want, it’s tricky…if a search page comes up then either download chrome or get the app I suggested here.

Free version here.

If you have children in the house and if you have a smart meter you should address this issue quickly BY OPTING OUT AND REPLACING IT WITH AN ANALOG METER people are getting sick everywhere. 5 g is nearly as bad they both cause severe changes to our bio, dichotomy and cross he blood brain barrier.

Most likely if you can bring up the router login page then the default user name will be “admin” and the password will be “password” this is why routers and wifi are so easy to hack. Nobody changes their defaults. They think the wifi login is all they need to deal with. And if your system was installed by professionals they seldom change the defaults either, some do. So you have a default router login page (links or use app above) then you have a default user name & password.

These links (I.P.) VARY by brand and use network location. Meaning I would have to be outside your house to pull up your router login page unless I am a hacker I suppose. however these I.P.’s also can be changed. High security locations will change their I.P. router login page as well.

$2.99 Pay Version

WiFi Analyzer Pro – Apps on Google Play
The most intuitive WiFi network analyzer application on the Android Market!Highlighted Pro features:*

free version

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