The 144. The Gathering. The Purification of Earth. The Transfiguration

Not all shall Die.  But ALL Shall Be Changed

The 144 are now studying other Christians at great depth.  They study the foreheads with the supernatural marks.  The 144 are learning their new gifts the prophecy of the talents.

The 14 study the actions of others trying to understand how they can be saved and yet embrace the lie taking it to their heart.  We the 144 are learning all about them for a reason.  We ourselves were them at one time embracing both faiths.  Faith in the world and faith in God.  Many of them are idol worshippers unknowingly of the common golden calf.

THE ONCE HOLY BIBLE IS THE IDOL OF TODAY & it has been taken over and rewritten by the wolf itself.  But as long as those have the mark on their forehead they will not see the bible for what it is.  Nor will they recognize their own idolatry.

We must not judge the deceived believers many will be saved by Faith.  We know we are not better than them.  Just different than them and in a different place.  We and they are all children of God to be respected and loved.

The Transfiguration

While the Upgrade of body mind and spirit is given to the 144 the gathering begins from earth.  In between the natural disasters that will purify earth also the gathering of the rest of mankind shall commence.  Most men will go unto their eternal homes while the 144 prepare the earth for the return of the breathren, the great multitude who chose God but also are deceived.

During the gathering most people are so afraid to go to their homes.  Because they do not know what is happening.  All they will know is this…dark angels, mighty strong angels are gathering some professing believers who carry both the mark and the seal of God. Its baffling to watch and a mystery to see them carried off by dark spirits when they are professing Christians.

However those who have a mustard seed of Faith are saved by Faith even though they have things yet to let go of.  God is merciful and Jesus is Savior.  He doesn’t lie.  He will fix them in stasis.

They do not go to Heaven, not yet.  They go to a place of great peace and harmony to await the New Earth’s preparations and to be fixed.

And another gathering is happening of strong demons taking away the wicked children to Hell.  These wicked know who they are and choose evil openly to them selves.  We all had a choice to make.  The wicked have their own mark.  It is a goat or goat horns on their forehead put their by Satan’s beast.

Those who have both the mark of the beast (fallen angel wings) and the seal of God (a cross or Jesus standing with arms outstretched) must choose somehow somewhere they will finally choose.  Or perhaps it is God who will make the choice for them, since they have both faiths.  God & the beast.

I know.  It’s a mystery how they will finally choose or be finalized.  They will either side with God or the beast system’s treasures ultimately.  I am having trouble dividing between those with the mark and no cross and those with both.  It’s like this I suppose.  Those with only the seal of God have let go of the beast’s treasures.  They are the chosen few.  Every one of those with the cross could let go of the beast treasures and go straight to Heaven do not pass go.  But some shall stay on for the seeding of the New Earth, Shalamar.  The Abode of Love.

It’s too late, I think for those who finally choose God to then become the 144 army of God because of the years of training the 144 have already experienced.   The 144 are already full bore soldiers with much battle experience.

But those who are saved but have embraced the lie shall be gathered and put into stasis awaiting the New Earths preparation and purification period.  If by chance they let go of the beast’s treasures somehow then they will likely go straight to Heaven during the gathering (rapture).

Christians with the mark & cross seem sincere they just have some things yet to work through.  God will protect and save them one and all who have both marks.  Eventually the mark of the beast will likely leave them….or they will become a goat and be taken to Hell.  Perhaps the Great tribulation shall be their deciding factor.

I know this isn’t what the church and bible taught.  Things are unfolding as prophesied just not the way those prophesies were invisioned.

The demons that control the people of earth will come to drag them to hell their home.  Having had the opportunity to be delivered from demons by Jesus they have chose their loyalties to the demonic.

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