More Church Deception

To All Christians

The time is short.  I just felt my great grandmother very very strongly in the hallway.  Her spirit brushed through me when I received the Holy Spirit.  All the out of body experiences (see my book) that I had soon after my baptism pertained to the end of days–this time right now.  There is a parallel that I felt her then and now.  Prepare.

  Anger Toward All The Lies of The Church

The cycle of guilt can kill.  Why is all preaching bullshit?  Because the only thing one person can do for another person to aid them in salvation is by sharing your experience, strength, and hope.  By sharing Truth from the heart THAT is the gospel.  Meaning–

My Testimony

I was a mess I cried out to God and He saved me from my peril.   Whatever that peril may be even if it’s to save a man from his own worst enemy Himself.

Christians cannot get other Christians saved.  Why?  Because THERE ARE NO MAGIC WORDS WHEN IT COMES TO SALVATION.  God looks upon the heart.  Every man may have a different way of seeking God with their whole heart.  Then let’s say they have a great revelation of God heart deep because of their heart made prayer.  Their life changes dramatically at heart level.  They now Love and feel Love.  They now repel immorality or some other sin for instance.

The Prodigal Son Walk

That is how my own born again experience went.  But then what?  I had ten good years of prodigal son walk, with The Holy Spirit.  That’s right.  Not just some ‘whoops I slipped’ sin.  No, I spent years in drug addiction and other sin.  Mainly self destruction.  The guilt was horrific.  This walk is how I learned that legalism was bullshit because Jesus showed me He Loves me unconditionally in spite of my own sin.  He showed me great grace.


So after deep sin I walked into a Baptist church that I felt led to go to for a year before I finally did.  I went just in time to meet a woman who touched my chest and said “God has something for you tonight, come to the evening service”.  The bible used to say “He who sinneth much Loveth much”  Sounds crazy huh?  Well that night after my year of joy I had about 2 years of struggles.  God decided to gift me with the greatest most wonderful spiritual experience I have ever had.  And it didn’t come automatically or by saying the magic words of the copy past gospel.  The Baptism of The Holy Spirit with evidence of Love and Language came by the laying on of hands and prayer and me lifting my hands praising Jesus aloud.  “Praise you Jesus, thank you Jesus” were the only magic words I said.   A transference took place.  Those who had The Holy Spirit passed it on to me by the laying on of hands while they prayed in another language.

The Gift of Languages is Real

And don’t expect to learn about it by reading.  Those who teach about tongues rarely have experience with tongues.  There are two types of tongues and one is for intercessory prayer.  The other is less extensive and usually will only come up again if a man fasts and prays.  See

Baptism of The Holy Spirit

If you want to read about the gifts of The Spirit that by the way are SO TRASHED by media that people are afraid to go anywhere near a Pentecostal church.  Granted I don’t advise joining any church because of the oppression and now the vile & ridiculous supernatural bible changes.  I can’t sit through any biblical sermon.  But thing is I don’t know if you can received the Holy Spirit by just asking.   I sure would ask for it though, I sure would.

The churches on the most part teach as if the Holy Spirt Baptism is some automatic event that happens when you say the copy paste gospel.  Ya, some none even that you won’t even notice, they just tell you that you now have it.

See here’s the problem with church salvation.

Excepting this The Mighty Name of Jesus does seem to hold great power when wielded.  Even alien abductees say that when they wield the name of Jesus they end up back safe in their beds.  So that part of church is true.

  1. I can’t see any bodies heart so I can’t possibly know if they are saved. (well except now the chosen can see the forehead supernatural mark of the beast.)
  2. I don’t know if a man is saved by the words he says.
  3. I am not God.
  4. Copy paste gospel isn’t how I received any of my spiritual experiences.
  5. I believe the words to accept Jesus as Savior may be different for everyone and that it’s more important what is in your heart toward God than the words.
  6. God looks upon the heart.  We can’t see anybodies heart.
  7. People have to reach their own bottom before they will seek God in earnest, that’s well documented.
  8. I think people have to be really desperate for help when they seek God and also they need to be persistent and keep seeking Him.  It’s a process.
  9. We must become the clay in God’s hands.  He makes us a new creation in Jesus.  The old man doesn’t pass away in a week or a year or even ten years.  The whole things is a long process of becoming.

So finally after two deliverances being born again and three years later receiving The Holy Spirit I went to AA where I learned to quit beating myself up both in the way I spoke to myself and relentlessly by addiction.  Those addict patterns were part of me and not easily overcome.  Why would the church say about that?  Delivered and redelivered, healed and healed again, they would of said “you were not saved to begin with” and they would have been WRONG.

Faith.  We are saved by FAITH.  God is Love.  Grace is part of forgiveness without it none would be saved.  Love is God God is Love.

Tongues is a dialect and many dialects.  Tongues is a higher language to pray great big powerful prayers straight from God.  Who wouldn’t want a gift like that?  Those who think is mental illness.  Those who have been brainwashed by videos and stories of insane babblers speaking in a ga ga goo goo type language.  Of course.

I am very grateful that in 1989 we didn’t have such videos floating around.

After my supernatural experience in the church that night that came in The Name of Jesus I was on an absolute joy cloud for one full year.  It was amazing.  All I can tell you is my life for one year was not of this earth.  I had so much joy people just were drawn to me.  Then God gave me a ministry to broken hearted self destructing strippers.  It was apropos.  I found a church I liked for a few years till it fell apart.  Honestly till 2006 when I finally got therapy and learned the 12 steps in AA I didn’t know who I actually was or how to process my own emotions.   I repressed everything, I thought fear was sin.  And I kept everything bottled up.  My story is probably better told in my book link read free.

I was born again at the age of 27 years old.  I received The Holy Spirit when I was 30.  But I didn’t get a full deliverance until 2006 when I was 47.  That’s 20 year, mind you, of struggles where to others I probably would not look like someone who Loves Jesus.  Nor did I look like a Christian.  For that matter, the only way I count as a Christian now is by Jesus & God The Father being my God.

So, Christianity is total BULLSHIT.  I used to look around at the people wondering “why are they so perfect, how come they don’t struggle”?  Why?  Because they HIDE EVERYTHING.  They never admit fear, shame, struggles, or the prodigal walk.  They rarely tell their testimony. All they do is confuse those who are trying to really know God.  I never felt like “one of” when I was at the church ever.

And finally—WE CAN’T GET ANYBODY SAVED.  That whole “save people’s souls” spiel with its copy past gospel is to bring more money in for the church.  That’s all it is.

And now why am I going into this now?  Because now that we are in end times and I can see the mark of the beast just about every Youtube Christian has the mark.  They are self deceived and think they are saved by the copy paste gospel never having go desperate and really really fervent with seeking God.

The Holy Spirit isn’t the same as the spirit of Christ.   I believe when born again you get the Spirit of Jesus.  Then if you seek continually you receive The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Yes also I was water baptized.  It was a testimony and an act of obedience.  The Holy Spirit if for supernatural gifts to do work on God’s behalf.  That is what the Holy Spirit is for and it’s the comforter..  So you don’t need it to be saved, but if you want the supernatural gifts you need it.   All the elect of God will have the Holy Spirit.  And they will have known exactly when they got it.

It is to this day the most wonderful experience I have ever had period, hands down it beats anything of this earth and I mean ANYTHING when it happens you will NEVER BE THE SAME AND YOUR FAITH IS GROUNDED IN THE ROCK.

The New Gospel

Here we go.  With the new supernatural bible changes some real problems have arose.

If anyone brings a new gospel to you other than Jesus The Christ and Him crucified have no part in it.  We know now it says “ye may well bear with them” at least as far as I know it still changed to that.

Salvation 101

Salvation lies in your relationship with God plain and simple not in the book and  it’s way too late to look to the book for Truth because the wolf has control and is rewriting it in ways that are obvious to some and invisible to others.

The Gospel

Is my testimony of what Jesus did for me and will do for you if you seek Him, He Love you and I, He is a great delivered and The Great Physician The Son of God.

The Bible

The bible is on the best of the best sellers list and has been for a very long time.  It is one of the best propaganda tools the beast has.  And somebody is making alot of money off of it as well.  Meaning, they can’t let it’s credibility fade.

The Abomination of Desolation Has Flown

Give the Mandela effects another year or two and match the vile bibles to that…people are being turned into beasts.  It won’t be a pretty place in a few years.  Soon the bibles will likely be Satanic Witch guides and with men not knowing evil from good already and Christians blind as hell itself by 2023 I do not doubt there will be murder in the streets.


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