Self Sufficiency & Farming Educated Out of Americans

How Do Corporate Demons Convince the Masses to Take their Poisoned Toxic Food?

Our well being by eating wholesome food should NEVER have been taken from us and put into the hands of the enemy.  How is it that a whole nation of people accept that its okay, the way it is, no problem that EVERYTHING IS TAINTED WITH POISON THAT WE EAT, wear, sit on, and breath?

MIND CONTROL, programming, TV, education/indoctrination, unto blindness using our emotional condition by trauma…trauma based mind control. Study it. Solutions at this link.

The enemy is at your door, protect against spiritually and by changing diet.

See solutions for emotional recovery from the beast system at and


Well first they buy the education system….bingo!  All of it!

Little Mary and Michael if you produce and grow your own food you will get these!

Image result for intestinal parasites

But if you eat our cleansed wholesome food and diet you will be safe from these.  People in other countries get THESE but now you.  Cause your in America the place that is better than all the others…and they’ll be happy to see your nice young face in your clean white coat…there coming to take us away ah ha Whoops sorry I DIGRESS (hypothetically that is)!

Keep in mind this man is taking in female hormones in all his rbst artificial hormone containing dairy.  Hence the boobs.  They always blame stomachs ike this on beer food.  This is questionable bloat that looks very much like parasite infestation.  While holistic doctors are crushed by the system and worse they are the only ones aware of the problem of parasites in this country.  Parasites are likely the #1 under diagnosed ailment in the U.S.

I tested my own doctor on his education on human parasites.  I mentioned parasites to him that I feared I may have some.  He immediately went to a psychlogical phobia called Helminthophobia, scoleciphobia or vermiphobia is a specific phobia, the fear of worms, especially parasitic worms.

He says to me “oh your suffering from the scoleciphobia bla bla bla fear of worms. Never once did he by his indoctrination and utter mind control consider symptom or cause and effect.  Nor could he fathom parasites existing in America the Beautiful.  I will not tell you what I saw when I did my own cleans…granted I was too horrified to be absolute about what I saw.  Put it this way….I was not meant to eat meat.  I found this out after YEARS of irregular food processes in my own body.

See the source imageImage result for african boy with worms

Right cause we in America are so blessed with wholesome food cleansed and chemicalized, with all those man made non food chemicals that, well we now know what those do.

Hurray!  New diseases to kill off the slaves! Diabetes type 2…hurray!  Cancer tumors!  Yay.  Aluminum aluminum and more aluminum….we will put it in ALL OUR consumer GOODS.

Goods?  Consumer “Goods”  HMMM maybe if I hear that enough times I will forget that men should be living to 120 years old and strong and healthy until they pass to God.  Moses lived past the age of 900.  On the other hand I am grateful to God that these end days have been shortened.




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