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Today I Woke at Dawn to the Birds Loud Singing

Have you noticed everything is louder now?  Clanking dishes are nearly too loud to endure.  Motors in vehicles are annoyingly loud.  Even the birds singing echoes through the window much louder than ever before.  Sound has changed has it not?  Few notice.  Few notice.

New Earth Youtube Channel covers many prophesies of the end of days.

The morning birds are beautiful in their singing.  My cat is vicious toward small animals.  She or he I call “Cat” because she adopted me rather than me her.   I drove her/he far away, but she found her way back amazingly.  She was determined to live at my home.  I suppose she is  She eats small animals.  Stalks them in trees enthusiastically.

The new nature won’t be so cruel as my Cat.  It will be brighter and more alive.  Rivers of living waters will flow on the New Earth.  Can you see the water changing already?  I can.  It now slithers like a snake, alive for the times we are in.  Neon plants are already appearing unlike I have ever seen before.

Which animals are your spirit familiars?

Although cats, dogs and wolves are top on the list of physical and spiritual familiars, stay open to the possibility of other animals that may be your spirit familiar.

A familiar spirit in the form of a pet isn’t just for witches.  After all we who Love God also believe in the Spirit realm do we not?  Don’t believe all that religious propaganda of everything being evil evil evil.   A spiritual familiar meant to be by your side to protect you, usually takes the form of an animal.

Familiars frequently act as companions to white witches or those spiritually attuned. As a companion, the animal spirit can offer support, protection, guidance, and more. Familiars will come and go. Your familiar spirit may not be what you’re expecting and your companionship may not last long.

The New Nature

Living waters will transform giving eternal life to those who drink it. Those who are alive to see it at its birth.  Those who Love Earth and care for it as a living being which it is even now.

But I think before kind nature comes, vengeful nature shall rise up and is rising up now.  The Sun now being 50 times brighter than ever before.  Nature shall know who her friends and enemies are.  She won’t tolerate enemies any longer.  Mankind is dying.

Mandela Effect Death

I went to FB yesterday after seldom going there for years on end.  There was a post of a woman’s death by her daughter.  A woman who was alive last time I checked about 7 years ago. She was in recovery and sober.  Her daughter spoke of her.  I talked to her online.  And yet now she’s been dead over 20 years.  She apparently never could stick with recovery according to her daughter.  And died a hopeless drug addict.

So either it was a trick…as her FB is still in tack and somebody is posting on it.  I assume its her daughter.  But this a childhood friend I am talking about.  It would be a very sick joke to pretend to be her.  I really can’t see her child doing that.  Nevertheless the Mandela effect is about exactly that.  Hoards of people who knew he died in the 80 or so yet now history says he was alive and kicking well past 2012.

What if the Mandela effect is how God is ushering in The New Earth with very few people on it?  I have had vision after vision of being nearly alone on this Earth.  I feel a little wrong for looking forward to such isolation.  It’s strange for me to hope for such a thing. And at the same time, its God’s plan for righteousness on Earth not mine.

What if the new age is coming right before our eyes one mandela effect at a time.  One nature change at a time.  One non existent human gone to their eternal home one—at a time.

The Low Self Worth Mass Programming We all Endure

Candidly speaking I felt like giving up on the New Earth.  Was I wrong?  I thought.  Or worse?  Am I delusional like my roommate kiddingly implies when I share Truth with him about what I see?  “Wackadoodle” is his go to label for me.  He cannot emotionally handle what I tell him.  It’s that simple.  And I get it.  It took me 5 1/2 years to accept finally accept that I am given hidden knowledge.  If my roommate doesn’t call me “crazy”, he WILL go crazy himself.  Some people are just not meant to see into the realm of the supernatural.

Granted I believed what I see.  Acceptance and belief are two different things.  My problem was this…I could not handle being the only one I know who sees what is.  Fear of success.  Fear of being God’s chosen.  Fear of not being the failure and second rate human I was taught that I am.  I always thought I was the lesser human who was not so smart.  Finding out that I could see Truth that no one else was privy to scared the hell out of me.  Fear of success.

And it was also survivor’s guilt.  I believe I will watch God gather the majority of humans to their eternal homes.  While those of us who are destined to seed the New Earth will survive the gathering.  Granted many of these gathered will go to Heaven.  And many will sleep.  Others, the wicked prefer dark places and so they shall be blessed to make their home in the dark abode.  These would not want to be in Heaven with the light.

Yesterday I finally settled into God’s plan for me as being specially called and as having great blessings of knowledge.   I know, sounds crazy.  But low self worth is what I am writing about here. We are all programmed into the “I am bad and wrong” mass programming.  Few recognize it.  Most just can’t go there.  Programming by emotional triggers blocks men from realizing their own heart condition.

Being Chosen by God is Not About Perfect Sinlessness

It’s more about being transparent with My Creator.  Those who seed the New Earth are not perfect by any means. But they don’t hide their heart from God either.   They shall be transformed to an upgraded body.  The Guardians of Earth are God’s choice not mans.  And those selfish destructive elite who run Corporate hells on Earth will hide in the rocks and caves.  Likely they are already hiding.  They will not survive God’s plan.  They have no care for His Creations. Neither man, animal, or plant life.  They prefer all plant life be slaughtered so they can control the masses by growing their twisted GMO crops.

After the 1,000 years of New Earth’s Birth then The Meek SHALL inherit The Earth.  Then the many who slept shall awaken to their New Earth paradises.  That means for 1,000 years Earth shall be very unpopulated. And when the Meek return Flesh will be a thing of the past.

Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.  We shall be incorruptible and we shall know as well as we are known.  Then remain these three eternal gifts, Hope, Faith, & Love but the greatest is Love. (Love defined as heart level respect and care for God’s various creations of Life.)

God is Stepping In He Won’t Tolerate the Mutation of His Creation Anymore

Friends the elite have clearly crossed the line of God’s tolerance.  The Sheep are now separated from the Goats.  Father no longer need say “don’t pull up the weeds lest the wheat be jerked from its roots as well and killed.”  No we are separated.  We made our choices.  God sees us for who we are and our eternal homes are pegged.

Many Will Sleep for 1,000 years of Peace. (New Earth Prophecy) 

“We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.  In a moment.  In the twinkling of an eye.  The corruptible shall become incorruptible.  And when the perfect comes we shall know as well as we are known” (by God).

There’s a channel on YT called The New Earth.  She is foreign and very calming to listen to.  She engages in seeking out all kinds of end of days prophecy.  Not just Biblical prophecy.

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