It’s Too Late For Big Pharma-Prediction-Vision

What Will Become of Big Pharma?

In a word GOD’S JUDGEMENT.  Make no mistake, He is on the way.  Jesus is returning but not in the way you think He is.

Hide and watch all ye of the top tier of corporate America, hide and watch. What is coming you well know because the elite of the elite have stolen for themselves the prophesies of old.  Has daddy dollar showed them to you son of perdition?  Has he told you of the fulfillment of most of them already?  Therefore making the impending consequences unavoidable?

But First Let Me Show You Who Big Pharma Is

War on drugs means war on humanity by drugs.  The poison is usually hidden in the advertised by media “cure”.  Yes we live in the upsidedown.  But as prophesied all is being revealed.  Information is increased.

The Christian prophecy watchers are waiting to see 1/3 of mankind die.  But they don’t know what is right in front of them.  That 1 in every two men will get the man made plague “Cancer”.  The statistics have stayed the same since I had Cancer in 2002.  One in every three women and one in every two men will get Cancer.  So you can bet the odds are much worse that that.

And those statistics are due to those who provide us consumerism.  Anything you walk out of the store with as non food items go is carcinogenic.

Now that we have shown statistics to kill off 50% of humanity we can start on the poisons of big pharma.  How long do you thing men and woman should really be living?  Do you believe the lies about how “modern medicine has extended human life by 30% blah blah blah go the lies.

Or how about TV and how they always blaspheme Jesus in the first scene of the show then they show loved one’s lying to one another.  Next they are required to show farmers struggling with starvation.  Then they show how mankind had absolutely no tools against any sickness at all before big pharma rescued us all. B.S.

The cures are in nature for every illness and have been stolen from us.  We are raised to believe that holistic medicine is useless by TV and education.

Now. Come to find out AZT is a cell mutating drug.   A DNA attacker with lots of cryptic poisons to boot that they call inactive ingredients.   There are so many different names for the drug that researching it’s ingredients is nearly impossible.  Same with the new mRNA vaccines.  Just as lethal. Or worse.  God only knows what genetic sequences the vaccines turn on and turn off.  Including behavioral genetic engineering not just hair color.  Perhaps they will turn on the psychopath gene removing the conscience (restrainer) of all who take it.  Study some terms genetic engineering and genetic deletion, mutation transgenics, genetic modification, genetic replication, immortalized cell lines (cancer cells)oncogenic viruses (genetically forced viruses that induce the formation of cancerous tumors) Cancer is big pharma’s disease of choice.  

If the new SARS-CoV-2 vaccine doesn’t induce devised animal mutagenesis in the humans.  Chimera’s are real.  Part animal part human.  Furthermore genetic therapy takes some time to grow into what its mRNA tells the DNA to grow into.  God only knows what the earth will look like in 5 years.

And The Youtube Christians Just Keep Singing This Song

About the vaccine.  “It’s not the mark, its this and that but its not the mark!”

Big pharma has one main goal no three depopulate, make money doing it, do foul Satanic experiments on mankind to rule the ones that are alive.

A Message To Big Pharma

Death.  Then Judgement.  The angels will line up like a pyramid all those of mankind who had a part to play in the killing and torture of mankind by deception.  Those who buried their conscience and signed on the dotted line making it okay to kill millions upon millions by poisons, toxins, carcinogens, and so on.

The pyramid in Heaven at judgement holds the top tier of those people who know everything about what is happening to people.  Everyone from the politicians, to the CEO’s, to employees, managers, promoters, pharmacists and so on will have their place in the pyramid of the judgement of the beast.  These people make up the beast system at large.  And greed is their folly.

All will answer for their unacknowledged and unrepentant harm to others.  But for those who have made all the worst human destruction come to pass there’s is the kingdom of Hell.  By their own choices they choose to enter the doors of hell.  After they shuffle through the halls of Amenti after their golden coin fails them.  The ferrymen, the man on the barge will laugh in their faces as they shuffle to present their coin of amenti.  Off to the halls of memory loss you go, shuffle shuffle like the Thorazine shuffle.

Jesus has the authority to forgive anyone.  But seldom do the wealthy have the heart driven opportunity to defeat false pride and repent.  They choose to bow to no one.  The coveted secret golden coin represents the love of money and the Faith of money.  Faith is eternal and magic no matter what you put it in.  But the problem is this.  God has not given the gold coin authority over death.  And ferrymen is not for death.  He is for life.  The ferrymen turns those who quote by a true heart’s voice “Turn me Father and I shall be turned”.

Then the ferrymen turns that man from the path of death to the path of life.  The ferrymen is a tool a worker.  He is not the authority over death. Jesus is the authority who took the keys to death and hell.  Jesus holds them, all of them.  Those who refuse to bow to Jesus refuse both life and Love. God is Love.


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