How in the name of God do I stop sinning?

Its easy for pastures and others to condemn sin and then say “just stop” and get over it but how does a person change a habit that has advanced into near addiction?  It’s not easy but it can be done.  There are two main ways to change.  One is to get to an alter call in church and receive prayer after you confess the sin.  This exposes the secret and that is the first step to healing.   The truth will set your free in this instance.

Next, if we are in addiction we need to process the hurt, pain, and anger that we are masking under said addiction.  If a person is not ready to do some false pride shedding, self examination, and confession they most likely won’t be able to change.  We need someone we can tell anything to.  Someone who won’t shut us down when we share our guilt, shame, pain, and sin.  Someone who will be real and honest and say, “I can relate to that”.  Someone who will show caring while we process our deepest fears and hurts.  This is a healing process that works for change.

Please remember our intellect tends to shut down our hearts voice.  We are in a broken world where its not safe to show weakness, vulnerability, and fear.  And that my friend will get us very emotionally ill if we keep holding in natural human fear, and hurt for fear we will be looked upon as “weak”.

That IS the beast system talking to you.  It’s strength is your shame.  It’s foothold are your secrets, and it’s agenda is to destroy you from the inside out, in every way possible.

Learn about empathy, and then practice it with a partner.  If you have no one to partner up with for your emotional health exercises you could go to AA or Sex anonymous to find an empathic listener.  But buyer beware, new age is thick in 12 step programs, you can benefit greatly by them if you don’t lose faith in Jesus along the way and fall prey to the Higher Power impersonal god beliefs.

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