Each Man Has His Own “Restrainer”

The Conscience of a Man Tells him Good from Bad

The Holy Spirit who comes by way of Jesus’ name and by transference during prayers and the laying on of hands is how men receive supernatural gifts of The Spirit.

As it stands, all of mankind has a conscience except those who are sociopaths.  Sociopaths have no hindering guilt or shame to deal with.  They can murder without consequence to their mental or emotional condition.  They are the best serial killers and the best hit men no doubt.


Obviously by common sense the restrainer is the man’s own conscience.  How will it be removed?

Jibba jabba.  The back scene will change men into basic sociopaths.  I do not know how much the nurturing as of ‘nature vs. nurture’ will stand in place of conscience.  Or how much of fear of people and what they think of them will stand in place of the actual consciences of men.  But I suppose some will be much more unburdened by the loss of conscience than others.

The Second Restrainer

The other restrainer was the tier two corporate body that kept the beast in check.  Governments now serve the corporations.  So, I suppose that restrainer of evil is already removed.

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