Why Drug Commercials show Warnings Over & Over & Over?

Take a look at the video

Then understand TV desensitizes us to what we see repeatedly and brain washes us for mind control by predictive programming.

I have met people whose children were normal until they took the poison.

If you hear medical warnings over and over and over you will discount the warning eventually especially where vaccines are concerned.


The bastards who are poisoning us and our children will be judged by the very saints who they attacked and poisoned.  That time is coming.  They think they will kill God like they have killed so many others.  They think they can vaccinate Jesus.

Big pharma has complete immunity from any damage they do to human beings.  This went too far when it started.  The time has come for their judgement.  The age of judgement is here.

Know this, I don’t want revenge for revenge turns the victim into the very thing he was attacked by.  No no, I seek judgement my own and yours.  Let judgement fall swift and falt.  Let judgement sweep the land and clean the barns.  Let judgement burn the chaff until it is nothing.  Let judgement fall upon the earth and clean it, purify it, and bring the new day.

Grace and forgiveness are available to all of mankind but the evil do not want forgiveness they want to kill God before He casts them into the lake of fire.  They want to kill of those who are of God before He arrives.

Fear not he who can kill the body fear The Great God who will appoint judges unto all of mankind those who will carry out righteous judgement are those who clearly judge their own actions in Truth and can repent.

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