The Creation of Man. By Our Choices Do We Grow

But God Was Not Done With Us

God created man and Earth in seven days…but He wasn’t finished with our creation process.  All men while on Earth by Faith, must choose their eternal home.  By our choices we inherit the kingdom of God.   And by our choices we choose a darker realm.  Balance of all things is vital.

Thrones of God Are Not Magnificent Chairs of Gold…

At least not the one’s written of in 20:4 Revelation.  I Jazweeh saw the thrones of God and ascended up unto a place of the Loving Doves and the Powerful winged Lions of God.  Where the Dove & the Lion meet as one so too shall ye go forth as guardians upon The New Earth.  But first the Regalia.  Some call it the “Wedding Supper of The Lamb of God”.


Imagine crystals shaped like these long one’s large enough to tower over an entire realm of Heaven.  This is what I saw.  No one can steal you from God’s hands.

“Neither height nor depth and evil or good, nor angels or principalities, nor demons or things below or things above can remove you from The Love of God that came to you by His Only Begotten Son Jesus.  The Way, The Truth, And The Life.  Jesus was with God from the beginning.  He is God by inheritance”.

Mother God, Father God, Son God.  Creator of The Heavens and The Earth.  This is why Jesus’ name is so powerful.  He is God’s Son.  And so The Word of God became flesh and dwelled among us.

Jesus came that we may have Life and Life more abundantly.  He is the deliverer of the imprisoned.  He is the healer of those in pain.  He is miracles on Earth.  Jesus delivered me from horrible dark bondage to sin.  He also set me free from death and hell which now have no power over me.

Jesus healed me by the hands of those who believe in Him and give praise to Him by name.  Religion is Legion meant to detour you from seeking God.  Why? Because if you seek, you will find Jesus. And if you find Jesus then you have power over dark forces.  This is the whole point of trashing Jesus’ name on TV.  Look at how the image of the beast portrays Christians.

Crystals on a black reflective background. 3d image.


Revelation 20:4
“And I saw thrones, and those who sat upon them, and judgment (guardianship) was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that those who were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”

Personally all this “beheading” dialogue may just be another threat to believers.  It’s saying [if you become a Christian your doomed to having your head cut off for it].  I mean really…does this make you want to run out and put a black magic marker line around your neck, reading “I am a Christian chop head here”?

No.  The head chop propaganda detours men from seeking Jesus.  Plain and simple it was likely NEVER IN the holy books.

Not that nobody has been martyred for faith, they have but really moreover they were martyred for TRUTH.  Some Truth that the beast desperately tries to hide throughout history.

If you stand for Truth you have right to know the Truth about your Creator.  “How do you know its Truth?” Says the many.

“Let your yes be yes and your no be no”.

Crystals help to open the spiritual eye.  Of course the preachers call the very jewels that pave the roads of Heaven “evil”.  Of course the propaganda teaches that meditation is also evil.  But I have this Truth__________

EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES.  Not otherwise.  Crystals, plants, essential oils, nature, are not to be labelled “evil”.

Seek & Ye Shall Find

Because I sought God years on end with my whole heart.  I am 64 years old.  I began my walk with God when I was 27 and began to seek Him by prayer and by reading the once holy books.  The Bible (some but not all) scripture agreed with my own heart.  My own heart confirmed the Truth of God’s words.

But make no mistake, amidst the great Truth were horrid lies of evil violence and other formations of stanza written to drive men away from the Truth within.

What dominated the once Holy book Jazweeh?

Mystery.  Mystery itself dominated the Bible unto the end of days topics.  The prophesies of Jesus Himself came to light for me in the last 5 1/2 years on Earth.  The bibles have changed dramatically but due to a very thick vail of deception even scholars do not remember the words it once held.

What is the Holy Place?

The place which holds The Holy Spirit & The Divine Presence of God are Holy.  Also the place where God set down His sacred words, that also is a Holy place.  Christians would tell you that the “Holy place” is a religious temple built by unbelievers for the antichrist no less.  And we heard that so many times we ourselves began to believe it.

However God’s words on Earth have gone up up up leaving Earth.  Like a scroll they flew back to Heave, forever fixed in Heaven are God’s sacred words.  Only saved on Earth in the hearts of those who Love His words of Truth.

Now what?  Most Christians have lost there connection to God’s words.  If they ever had it.  How do I know?  The bibles one and all, old and new, every version every form including the scrolls have been magically desecrated.  CHANGED by the new supernatural fluid reality.  Some remember some don’t.  Most do not remember God’s sacred words once they leave the books.

“That’s insane!”  hmf….yes it is. But some things are true weather you see them or not.  Some things are true weather you believe them or not.  Do not follow a narrative of “hate”.   The books are an egregious spiritual violation that God has allowed.

Why?  Because no longer will men defile and twist His words of Truth.  No longer is the plan of salvation set forth in Truth.  The separation of the sheep and goats is done.  The bible is no longer needed by Jesus.

“And in those days God will remove His Holy Spirit from Earth.”   “And the Spirit returns to God who gave it”.

Death?  Yes death.  Transfiguration?  Yes transfiguration for the figs.  Israel is a country corrupt like the rest, probably more so.  Israel in the holy books are a people.  God’s people.  Israel will be pulled from the Earth as lambs are gathered home.  Little lambs they do not have horns as they are now portrayed.  Little lambs gathered up gently and taken to the place of safety until the fires are over.

The White Angel is already flying above pouring out his fire upon Earth.  The air is becoming hot to the lungs.  We must leave for a time and maybe two times.  We shall return transfigured with a job to do.

The Guardians of New Earth Come Forth!  No man can stop the plan of God Himself.  No man can transmute His Holy words set in tablets of eternal stone.  What plan?


Cleaning Up The Wreckage of The Past Life of Sin & Pain

Yes-only God Himself can take a heart out of a man, cleanse it and put it back without the man’s destruction.  God did this to me in 2006.

I once measured what time we were in by weather or not the bearded Jewish men fulfilled temple prophecy yet.  Bearded religious men who claim, not only to be better than everyone else (in God’s and their own eyes) but also claim to have the “Holy Land” under their feet.

I heard the story of my inferiority to Jews so many times that I myself believed I was inferior to the religious men.  But also the TV & my parents taught me inadvertently that I was inferior to all mankind.  That I needed a leash and instruction manual to appear good and right. I had to act like everyone else so people would like me.  And that I would never be truly good and right because I was defective.

And I was defective but not in the ways the beast system taught me.  I had soul 33.3% I had Body 33.3% and I like everyone else have the Divine Presence of God breathed into me.  But I was missing something….33.3% Holy Spirit was not in me by default.  I needed to seek God out.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.”

And so by the laying on of hands in a little Baptist church that I was lead to by the Spirit I received the most wonderful gift ever to be given to man.  By 5 people praying over me and surrounding me with touch on my head and shoulders they transferred The Holy Spirit of God to me.

If was the best day I have ever experienced.  I sang the new song.  Those people freely gave me the pearl of great value deposited inside me, the clay pot.

“In those days I shall pour out my Spirit upon all flesh”.  The end of days prophecy.  Dreams, visions, blessings from on High are in effect now.

Seek and Ye Shall Find Knock & it Shall be opened Unto You.

When we seek we find.  Most people don’t continue to seek by due diligence.  They call out to God a time or two in desperation during threats.  But then they go their merry way.

The seed of Truth to believe in God and grow one’s Faith (all men are given a measure of Faith) results in the entire creation.  Our walk on Earth is the continuance of what God started by creating mankind.  First the carnal then the spiritual.  All of mankind chose his own spiritual way.  It is the follow up of creation itself.  By choices made our creation become egregious or benevolent.

The Golden Age

In 2017 God began to show all His chosen few who they really are.  The vail was dropped.  But also much work on our own emotional condition had to be undertaken by the chosen few.

We all had wreckage of the past clean up.  The prodigal walk was stifling and left us in shambles.  We needed to do both spiritual & emotional work.  Why?  Self deception was our fail-safe survival skill.  The lies had to stop.  We had to learn to show ourselves Love.  And we had to learn to live in Truth by courage we embraced Truth.

Thrones are made of sacred crystal.  Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Amber, Pearls.  Why do the preachers call crystals and meditation “evil”?  They fear our power of course.  Let all things be done with God in mind and by the safety of Jesus name as protection.  Put on the whole armor of God.  Your shield of Faith in God.  Your Helmet of the Hope of salvation promised from God.  Truth your belt of safety.  God’s inspired words & The Word of God/Jesus your Sword, your testimony is your groundedness afoot.   The breastplate of righteousness is by Faith in Jesus.  By forgiveness God cleanses us from all unrighteousness.

Prayers in The Spirit are your power.  Ask for God’s Holy Spirit and He shall bestow it upon you.  And you will know it when it happens.  To receive The Holy Spirit is to receive the spiritual gifts of God to use to bless our breathren.

God will give His Holy Spirit to those who ask for it.  

Why do you think they trash and mock Pentecostals?  They fear the power they wield.


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