Secular Anointed Music

I will add to the list of inspiring music as memory serves.

Remember music often takes a time of two of listening for songs and words to grow on us.  My hope is that my readers will give these artists a chance by a listen or two.

First pics are the “Oh Mercy” album song picks below and “Be thou my Vision” on Hymns to the Silence.

So its the end of the world as we know it….enough is enough. Today we take in the encouragement that anointed music brings us.

Thanks for Reading. Its time for our encouragement. We are on the last step of the Bridge of Sighs.

Bob Dylan

“Oh Mercy” (an absolute favorite, the BEST of Bob on this. With prophecy in the lyrics.)

Best tunes on Oh Mercy.
Shooting Star
Ring Them Bells
Man in the Long Black Coat
Where Teardrops Fall

“I Believe In You”  Album-Slow Train Coming
“When He Returns”  Anointed Piano Music.
“Gonna Change My Way of Thinking”
“When you gonna Wake up” Get strength in the things that remain.

Slow Train Coming Link Bob’s Real Tunes

Van Morrison. Album-Avalon Sunset
These are the Days
Whenever God Shines His Light on Me
When the Saints Go Marching In. Exceptional praise and worship song. He believes what He is singing I think.

Album Link Hymns to the Silence
Vann Morrison Hymns to the Silence

Favorites on Hymns to the Silence

Be Thou My Vison.  A+ worship song
See me thru. Just a closer walk with thee

Carrying a Torch (for the torch bearer in the context of God)
Green Mansions. (In my house there are many mansions.)
Hymns to the Silence

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