Oh…That’s Just a Coincidence! Is it?

Some people will defend the beast system to the death as being such a blessing over the dark ages of the past. However HISTORY LIES not only did people live way longer when they grew their own safe food and were not being poisoned by the beast but also they were not being poisoned by chemical fabrics in EVERYTHING. In 2002 every one in two men got Cancer and one in three woman according to the beast. That means it was probably much higher rate at that time. NOW the statistics are far worse. Cancer, Diabetes type 2, Autism, and most other disease are created in a lab. This is my theory and opinion. The diseases of old are not the diseases of today.

If the controllers have the audacity to add fake text to search results LIKE THIS then how many articles in search are they changing on a grand scale?

Is it coincidence that the words “gender” and “inter sex relationship” are in the FAKE TEXT?  The controllers are changing the Bible in the same way they are brain washing the masses into choosing behaviors that will make them socially acceptable.

Once a child is DEMORALIZED by the beast system they are easily manipulated by media to put on the MASK so people will like them.  I know this because I have healed from this very system of mind control manipulation.  MK Ultra is trauma based mind control.  However most people have no idea they have been traumatized.  Why do you need drugs?  Why are you an emotional wreck?  Its by design.

“Satan your enemy roams the earth finding whom he may devour.  He has come to steal kill and destroy.”

Know this….this scripture is not a fairy tale and you are a “victim”.  Why is it unkool to be a victim?  Because if your a victim you may just identify and see your assailant and expose him to others.

Why is “negativity” unkool?  Same reason….the beast system at large traumatizes children and then forms them in his image.  He must make “negativity” unkool lest you see what he is doing to the masses.

What else is “unkool” how about the inventions of “kool” was one of the most brilliant mind control tools of the beast.

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