Have you Experienced Jacob’s Troubles?


Jacob has CRUSHED the head of the serpent.  Not “bruised” its head.  Genesis 3:15 the lie from the wicked sitting in the once holy bible.  Or do you remember it as always being “bruise & bruise”?  “Jesus shall crush the head of the serpent and bruise His heel in the process.”  (please realize this should say crush and bruise if it magically changes after I type it….unfortunately that’s what hapened to much scripture, it changed magically on the book shelves.)

Today-I will not “curse God and die”.  Troubles have come and gone through the last six years.

By Jazweeh.

If you too have been enduring Jacob’s troubles know that we are in God’s hands.  He will not let us go.  But for me, I have need of patience, and other good character.  Trials of fire are upon me.  I want out of them.  Every trial which Jacob experiences in this time he goes to God with.

I Do NOT Do Well With Suffering.  On the Contrary I Fear It Above Most Threats.

Brothers and sisters called Israel.  For me it’s been one trouble after the next.  Yes I have interim rest from the troubles but they just keep coming.   I am at the end of my rope emotionally.  I am angry at God Almighty for the suffering that unfortunately could be worse.  The troubles range from health issues to financial problems.  To fears of loss of security, a roof over my head, to fear that some of these health issues will just end me.

One of the worst and first health issues brought me to a place I really thought death would meet me.  Other problems have been nagging on going problems that see like they will not end.  Tears and anger.  Bargaining with God is an emotional human response during desperation.  This time of troubles is likely nearing its end I hope to God.

I must be honest with Him, He knows I am angry at Him and have tendencies of blame toward Him.  I beg for a miracle and my guides say “many are the afflictions of the righteous but The Lord God Almighty delivers them out of them ALL.” I write as I suffer with tears and self pity.

All things work together for the good to those who Love God.  Do I dare question could this be the Job event?  God forbid He go that far with the afflictions.  Please pray for me now brothers and sisters. I am pressed beyond my own measure.  I am rocked on two sides and by fear and by weariness.  Little did we know the “gnashing of teeth” is part of Jacob’s trouble.

If this is our plight and yet the Gentiles have not yet apparently entered into their tribulation…there may be a separation of tribulations.  We think perhaps the Gentiles trib will start in around April 2024.  This date is Jacob’s deliverance date I Hope, I Hope.

Yes I have fought, and fought.  Yes I have begged God and questioned Him in anger.

To Be A Child of God 

Father doesn’t give great power to His children until they are tempered to handle it without massive mistakes being made.   Christians on youtube portray that they want to become super heroes in the 1,000 year millennium.  However they don’t want to do any of the work and growth that precedes immortality.

I must learn that Jesus and God WILL deliver me out of any trouble.  I try not to panic with fear though fear is part of the human condition.

He is coming brothers.  And He is making us ready.  All things all things all things work together for the good to those who Love God.

Only God makes gods.  He doesn’t hand great power to those He doesn’t know thoroughly.  He most likely doesn’t hand eternity and immortality in His realm of Light to those He doesn’t trust.  If they hide parts of their heart from Him they cannot be trusted most likely.  He must know His children better than any humans.  He must know that we will be faithful warriors even when we don’t like what He may be doing.

Trials of Fire Embraced as Lessons Often Result In Peace & Temperance

Follow up.  Temperance, patience, humility, long suffering with grace toward those around us, understanding, has come from the Jacob’s troubles.  I feel an inner peace that I needed and a certain calm now when I pray & meditate on God Almighty.  Seek God in your troubles.  Grow emotionally & spiritually by trials of fire.  Its our actions that make us now our feelings.  We overcome by enduring patiently the trials of the end of days.  If we do not know how to allow God to work in us how will we move into the next reality.  God advances those who are His.  There are lessons to be learned when human that could not otherwise be learned.  In weakness we are made strong.

Are we an asset to His kingdom or a liability?  Are we teachable?  Transparent before Him?  Are we God aware?

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