The Youtube Channel “ExtremeRealityCheck”

The Paradigm Shift… break free of the mainstream propaganda machine. Now is the “revealing” (revelation) and the Truth is available for those who truly want to know the secrets and answers to the Mysteries of the Universe.


Youtube took the videos down from this website.  Either because the author requested it after giving me permission.  Or some alleged copyright violations.

What can I say? This woman, Jan at “The Supernatural God is not Dead” and “ExtremeRealityCheck” on Youtube is frankly, brilliant and very spiritually attuned.  She is emotionally invested in the content she puts forth.  This is evedent.  Which makes her very believable as to be a real person who she portrays.  We know not all channels are people.  The beast system IS trying to overtake all information that we receive by faking channels.

IF Jan is doing all the work alone I don’t know how she could.  She has one son who she supports and I suggest we all consider supporting her in her freedom of speech promoting and God believing work.

Jan is experienced in the baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Jazweeh’s insight, Jazweeh has stated “judging from the way she speaks about God and the Holy Spirit” she has received gifts.

Furthermore, I myself have to take her video’s piece meal due to their extreme amount of truth and information which takes time for me to digest. It can be overwhelming to watch her videos because the research is so advanced, thorough and the truths are sometimes very hard to accept.  This is “MEAT” not MILK.

I have experienced ANGER at the beast system for what happened to the people kicked out of their homes after Katrina as shown by her videos. I experience gratitude over Extreme Reality Channel’s, Jan’s personal show of sincerity toward the older prophets who taught our generation before youtube.

And even at some info I have chosen denial or even disagreement on some issues but VERY few.  My heart agrees with almost everything she puts forth.

Her channel IS NOT offensive or disrespectful and its okay to disagree with some things we may not understand yet or just do not believe. But we should give the information a chance by researching it ourselves.

She encourages us to Love and revere the older prophets like Hal Lindsey in a way which really tugged on my heart strings. The older TV & church prophets DID NOT have the knowledge of technology as it stands to help interpret The Book of Revelation, Thessalonians, Daniel, and other prophetic books. Prophesy now makes sense due to technology. Anyway I Laura E. and Jazweeh encourage you all to give her channel a look see.

She doesn’t promote megachurches as far as I have seen, and neither do we.

Here is her “The Black Awakening Series” She has given me permission to embed on this website. Thank you.

#Revolution4Christ #Jesus
The BLACK AWAKENING (Part 1) – Red Dawn meets Rosemary’s Baby – SuperSoldiers, Freemasons, Jesuits


Youtube took the videos down either because the author requested it.  Or copyright violations.

The BLACK AWAKENING (Part 2) – ACTUAL Footage SuperSoldiers, Afghan Giant, MKultraSleepers, Prophecy


The BLACK AWAKENING (Part 3) – Daycares, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, MKultra, Satanism and CERN


The BLACK AWAKENING (Part 4) – “Svali” SRA Survivor, Johnny Gosh, St. Germain and Immortals


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