Be Careful who you try to Wake-Up! by Jeff Snyder & Laura E.

Be careful in who you try to wake up, there are many who react violently to an interruption of their slumber. Maybe just poke them a couple times and run away and then come back later to see if they’ve woken up after the seeds you planted took root once you were no longer in their presence and they didn’t have to deny deny deny when they’re alone at night in the presence of no one but themselves.

In the moment and in the presence of other people, there is a retaliatory reaction to defend, reaffirm and reinforce ones worldview from people who inject these foreign substances. It’s like a mental immune system that attacks with antibodies when you are injecting the foreign substance into their psychological immune system. So give them a couple pokes and move along but just like a parent waking up the teenager to go to school, don’t stand over them hovering or they will awaken with you in their sights as the Target and the reason for the way they feel. Allow them a few minutes to adjust and they become a much more pleasant person to be around and possibly even apologize for so rudely responding to your wake up call. ByJeff S.

Is the Great Awakening nearly complete. By Laura E.

Is it too late for people to wake up?  Have all those who will wake up already woken up?  I get this feeling that if people don’t see they are slaves by now they never will.  I feel like the truth and awakening that came was as the wave of a sea in the mist of a think fog.  The wave of truth rushed over every man, woman, and child and gave us all the option to take the red pill or the blue pill.  In our hand we held “truth” & “deception”.  We HAD TO CHOOSE by the ultimate choice which we would follow and which we would hold to our bosom and embrace.  Therefore there is a timeline on becoming awake.  As the pills sit in our hand we will take the one which we embrace.

Is truth your protection?  Or are lies your defensive protection?  BOTH are used as a defense.  This choice is how the goats are separated from the sheep but the dividing of goat’s and sheep is not black and white.  Goat’s act like sheep and sheep act like goats therefore God had to device certain rules of separation.

Some sheep deceive like goats therefore they also are deceived themselves as they have dropped the belt of truth that kept their vision in tact.  They dropped the breastplate of righteousness in Christ and traded it for the strong delusion.  However they Love God so they will be saved in a different way than those who embrace Truth and see.  Those deceived sheep are set for the slaughter yet salvation is theirs.   “They are destroyed all the day long for lack of knowledge.” as the scripture used to read.

When your in the throngs of fear do you reach for a lie, hold it to your chest, embrace it as it covers you from whatever it is your fearing at the time?  Believe me I know what it means to see deception as a protection.  Goat’s and sheep are polar opposites, or should be.  They do not wear the same armor.

What do we truthers mean when we say “wake up the sleeping masses”?   Primarily we (those who see the Mandela effects/bible changes and other lying signs and wonders) want people to wake up and see what we see.   We want them to realize we do have a mutual enemy in the spirit realm.

God is real and Loves us all.  We have been lied to all our lives by indoctrinations into education and TV/media status quos.  To see their demoralization so they can recognize that they have worn a mask to hide their truth all the while perceiving we are all programmed with low self worth.

Programmed by the  “I am bad and wrong” primary programming.  The powers that be control the matrix we exist in.  We scream for them to recognize the underlying programming in the shows they watch and what its trying to make us think.

We have been brainwashed and programmed from birth by media and other artificial input.  And there is much evil afoot from vaccines, food, everything manufactured, the crushing of our hopes and dreams and the shredding of our self identity.  Why demoralize us?  We must be crushed at our core, broken hearted realizing we are “bad and wrong” from birth BEFORE we will be vulnerable and willing to upload the false identity paradigm the elite present to us over and over and over and over.

Wake up and take the red pill.  DISCARD WITH VENGEANCE the putrid mask they have compelled us to create!  Take off the scales of the serpent, crash down the walls around you heart of fear and humbly, ask God to cleanse your heart walk boldly before the throne of God wearing the full armor He has provided us.  Never drop your belt of truth lest you be vulnerable to the deception at large.  Spit out the blue pill and embrace truth before it’s too late.

Why do some see change and deception while most others remember nothing of the old paradigm and notice no Mandela effect? Why have so many of us suddenly recognized “The Beast System” in its true light realizing we have been brainwashed?   God tells us why.  This is how the Bible used to read this verse.  It has changed as have many other verses in the KJVB.

“They Loved not the truth therefore God sent them a strong delusion that they would believe a lie”.

So while other Christians and truthers sit and wonder after a “coming deception/strong delusion” we who see stand amazed at the deception presented to us now in full technicolor.  We see the “strong delusion” is ALREADY AT HAND.  The spiritual war is already at hand.  Christians on Youtube talk about spiritual warfare as if its something yet to come.  They have no idea we are already at war….Armageddon is not a war.  Armageddon is the FINAL BATTLE.  Scripture always read the “battle of Armageddon”.

They quote this scripture over and over,

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Our hearts are righteous in Christ and now we stand together with who we really are knowing that God values US above all His creations.  We are Royalty and of much value to Our Father.  We no longer believe the urgings and mockings in our heads of the evil voice which repeatedly tries to tell us we are a piece of shit and don’t deserve to live. Do not allow the voice to tell you that YOU are your worst enemy. We mistake Satan for our own thought. We must learn the difference between self love and self destruction. We must learn to recognize that we are programmed into self sabotage. We simply must realize when to are being lied to. This doesn’t mean we are not responsible for our choices and actions. But once we shed the “I am bad and wrong” program we won’t be in defense mode attacking and demoralizing our brothers just so we can feel superior for a brief moment in time.



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