Why Did The Theys Name waL Mart After Martial Law?


All About The Walton's | Popular 1970's TV Show

Mart= Mart-ial=Martial Law.

Oh that was the name of the sweet old man Sam Walton. Who benevolently clawed his way up the hill of money from nothing.  Rags to riches the American DREAM.

Yes, the American Dream! Thing is you have to be asleep to attain it…in your dreams baby in your dreams. For by my experience I see that the elite have ensured none of us become powerful financially.

And now their gifts to the people by creating a “middle class” is OVER.  Do you see?  Do you see?

But their time shall come. For they too will “reap what they sow”. They shall receive in spades the debauchery and poverty and wanting that they have culminated unto the masses.  Why? They fear us and consider us the enemy of all things coveted by them.

Mark my words faithful readers, their day is soon coming.   I know Jesus.  I know Him and The Father knows me.  He is returning.  Jesus shall arise in ways that the theys have no clue of.   They shall not see us coming.  Jesus shall arise in His children. And the elite shall share in the poverty and suffering they have so diligently manifested by their dark allegiances to vile evil spirits.  That is IF they survive at all.

Walmart/Owner?  Here is their cover story for Mart Law (Walmart).

The benevolent and gracious Walton family makes good and brings you cheaper food and products because…wait for it…they love you!

You know!  “The Waltons” like the TV show you have been so diligently programmed with.  If your of the age group to watch the family show.

“Good night John Boy!”  Is the famous show line.  Or is this yet another COINCIDENCE?

All About The Walton's | Popular 1970's TV Show

You see?  Do you see?

Copycat 'do you see'? Red Dragon - YouTube

Cover Story.  The Lie.
“The Walton family owns Walmart. The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walton family members have taken active positions in maintaining and growing Walmart. Today, Walton Enterprises LLC and the Walton Family Holdings Trust own 50% of Walmart’s shares.”

Sam Walton - whoamibytwishashah Ralph Waite - IMDbNot a very good match with the patriarch of the Walton’s family TV show.  But still the grandpa look of Sam Walton the ACTOR is a nice touch.   All Sam Walton is, IS a figure head, a puppet, a picture show for the many.

The middle class are being done away with unfortunately.  It seems.


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