New Earth, Rapture, Wing of Abomination & The Locust from the Pit

Updated. New info on the Locust from Ancient Mayans.  Friends, Family, Loved One’s of God Jazweeh Has Been Given New Information

Update.  Come to find out the Mayan Ancient civilization history gives credence to their own rendition of the biblical Locust from the pit.  Very similar to the Christians story.  Mayans call it the God of terrestrial fire of the underworld.  The creature is invisible   But it can be seen once it consummates with its host.  Its a parasite carried to its destination by the wing of abomination, also invisible.  These both can be seen by spiritual eyes.

Sidenote to my readers.  EYA’s channel has been deleted.  Go to her EYA Report back up channel.

Mark of the beast (forehead) & Locust from Pit.


  1. Why would God take His Holy Spirit from earth if He’s transforming it into a New earth and 1,000 years of peace and removing Satan?  Its the restrainer that restrains Satan that’s being removed for the great tribulation to occur.
  2. The rapture is an event for the goats to go to their eternal home.  God’s people when they leave earth its not by a thief and they are not “snatched violently”.

I Had A Vision of The Locust from The Pit

Please first read the “Mark of the Beast” article.  Its important to see the photos of the mark on the foreheads of men.  Its much harder to see the seal of God and the mark of the beast on the forehead of women.  It much more petite and hard to see on women.

The Vison of The Locust from The Pit

I heard the wings of a roach flapping.  Then I felt something stick to the side of my face.  It was invisible but I felt it stick on the side of my head. It was if it had suction cups. It was absolutely vile.  The feeling I got I remember clearly now.  It was as if the creature sucked itself to my head and stayed there.  I removed it by prayer and visualization.  I tore it limb from limb.

It attacked those with the mark of the beast.  It can’t fly nor does it have wings.  It rode in on the raptor.  The creature like a rat with wings.

The Raptor Perches on the head invisible to human eyes.  The raptor a winged creature spirit from hell carried the locust to its destination.  The locust has blinded them. Not what we expected but the many prefer the lie.
And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the vail that is spread over all nations.


The Locust is in red. The eyebrow part is the mark of the beast the creature consummates with man and his mark. The armor of God protects against the Locust.

About a year after my experience with the Locust from the pit I started seeing the wing of abomination in men’s hair.  And locust consummated to their faces & attached to the mark of the beast (forehead).  I saw this abomination by part spiritual vision and part actual eyesight.  Also now I am surprisingly able to draw much better than ever before.  For me that’s pretty amazing because before I was not able to draw like this.

The Locust.  Mayan’s call it the Jaguar god of terrestrial fire.  It doesn’t have legs.  That is why is was flown on the wing of abomination.  And dropped off to join with those marked.

Jaguar god of the underworld & terrestrial fire

The Leopard god is holding the Locust.  The Mayan images depict the creature as a parasite.  On the faces of men and showing animals killing it.  Look closely.  The Locust is on the left.  The Leopard is either devouring it or it is set to willingly consummate with the snake limbed Locust from the pit.  The creature is invisible to the naked eye.  It enters the man’s face.  It places is crueller tentacles from  eyebrows to under the eye and down toward the top of the mouth.   The writers don’t understand that the Locust is a parasite.  It’s invisible but can be seen once it’s under the skin of the face.  According to the bible the Locust will consume away the eye sockets.  Seems people’s eyes are already sinking.  It can be seen with spiritual eyes just as the mark of the beast can also be seen on the foreheads of men.

“Between his eyes, a twisted cord or rope goes up — archaeologists call this a “cruller.””

Mayan drawing of  The God of Terrestrial Fire, God of the Underworlds, God & Temple of the Sun God L.  See the snake like tentacles under the eyes and on both sides of the tongue. That is the Locust indwelling the ancient man. They knew. Notice the eyes are crazed.  This creature and the biblical Locust from the pit are one in the same.

The bible lists that the Locust comes with the signs in the sky in the end of days.  That during the great tribulation it will consummate with those headed for destructions.  While the Mayan writings in Wikipedia read the god of the terrestrial fire’s coming is associated with a star.  The Blue Kachina is the star that is an angel.  If you have binoculars and spiritual eyes you can see her wings lying west.  She is the second brightest star other than her brother Red Kachina that has already also appeared.  A classic end of days sign and wonder.  The Red Kachina is now as bright as a small moon.

The Locusts have invaded people from all walks of life.  Not just Christians, not just professing unbelievers.  No

End of Daily Devotions from The Holy Bible.  The Locusts Invasion.  The desolation of both Man and their Holy books.

“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

I believe these people took the supernatural forehead mark of the beast hence were then invaded by this creature from the pits of Hell.  The locust who steals their memories and causes them to embellish and embrace their goat side.  They never were sheep they just acted like sheep.

The professing Christians I see on YouTube do have the mark of the beast (most of them).  And I haven’t seen the locust on all their heads but the evidence is clear.  They no longer know right from wrong.  Their hearts clings to the words of the wolf in the book. And they do not follow Jesus who has left the book.  Furthermore like my close friend professes that its okay in business to lie cheat and steal if its to make money.  My friend is a non Christian who is obviously embracing His antichrist side.  His goat side is being amplified.

The separation of the goat’s and sheep is clearn.  The sheep see the supernatural events and they see the signs and wonders.  Whereas the goats just fear the signs and wonders.  That’s why they are so provoked by the Mandela effects.  People who see Mandela effect seem to have embraced Truth.  After all folks its God that saves men NOT the bible.  Its the heart that seeks God and its God who answers the desperate call of our hearts voice.

God is Love.  We must not confine Him to Christian antics.  None of these end times events that are taking place look like we thought they would.  Which leads me to my next vision and revelations.


I have been mistake limiting the rapture the children of Satan.  Perhaps there is the good rapture, and the bad rapture. Two different events and two different types of souls.  First the goats.

Either I was wrong about the rapture or God has changed my own calling due to me praying the “Thy will be done in my life” prayer.  I woke up today in a different place than when I lied down to sleep longing to go home.  All I wanted was for God to rapture me!  I do not have anchors on this earth.  I have detached from most people and worldly things.  Take me away from all this earthly B.S. please I cried!

I even have rapture prediction dates on my sites for myself of July 2021…and perhaps I will still be raptured and then sent back??  That’s what I thought before today anyway.  But now….I believe I am experiencing a transformation that is about to be amplified.  How did I lose such a strong wanting?  And what about the script “though shall not want” because that’s exactly what I was doing is “wanting”.  Well some things are a process to accept.  And alot has taken place for those of us who see the signs and wonders.

“The meek shall inherit The Earth”

I do not see myself as meek.  Why would God leave the earth to the goats?  He wouldn’t.  It’s His Earth He made it and He will clean it up. I believe God is transforming both The Earth and His chosen. Satan is transforming his chosen as well.

Earth will be like before the fall of man.  No briars, no thorns, no lies, and no pain or tears, no death.  We will have supernatural powers and be immortal.  Yes.  Magic is coming back I feel it.  The power of words is returning.  And whatever this means…”the tetrad is returning to Earth”.  The tetrad represents supernatural good lighted magic.

God is returning to Earth by His Spirit.  He is transforming The Earth back to what it was always eventually meant to be.  But first He had to do the weeding.  The categories of men are made.  The separation is full.

So now the hard part…I think the rapture is actually The Raptor.  And not a good thing.  Let me rephrase, not that the elect will not go to Heaven eventually, they will, I think.  I think theirs the “rapture” and there’s the elect who choose to go home and will.  But not in the same way or same place as those “snatched” who choose the lie and prefer it.

Look at the similarities of what is on that woman’s head and the raptor.  Now think about the word “rapture” and how it feels when you say it.  Plus remember  the Strong’s definition “snatching away” and “abrupt snatch” is what the Christians are saying it means by the word “harpozo” that to me sounds like “harpo” a sinister term used by the beast.

“Harpozo” does not sound like something blessed and good. Not to me anyway.  The word reeks of folly. Furthermore the term “caught up” is not a planned event terminology. Its as if someone were caught accidentally, random, into a force and wind that carries them into some other place.  Obviously the book has changed. No telling what the original term used to be/read.  The book is now a betrayal and that’s why I don’t call it “The Holy Bible” anymore.  Its not. For those who don’t know-the bible is supernaturally changing on the shelves.  See EYA Report on Youtube for details. And

Word Etymology of “RAPTOR”

Omg-Its the same as Harpozo omg.  “robber, plunderer, or abductor,” from rapere, “to seize.”

GOD IS NOT A “THIEF” I think Youtube’s BrianAustinLambert33 who teaches the “PLASMA” and is partnered with “Mia’s New Pair of Glasses” WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE RAPTURE. omg!  This guy is way to self assured to be guessing.  He knows something. I think he’s connected to inside information perhaps the old prophesies that the elite stoled from the people.  The true prophesies.

The first time I heard him say “the rapture isn’t a good thing, its a bad thing”.  I was shocked.  I was like “Oh hell no!  He is so wrong!”  But I woke up again with new info.  My paradigm is still in the works of being crashed.  After all people its not doctrine that saves.  Neither is it prophecy that saves.  It is our heart condition toward God Himself that makes or breaks us.  Bottom line.

raptor (n.)

c. 1600, “ravisher, abductor,” from Latin raptor “a robber, plunderer, abductor, ravisher,” agent noun from past participle stem of rapere “to seize” (see rapid). Ornithological use is from 1873 (1823 in Latin plural Raptores).This is where the word “rape” comes from too.  And the definition is the same as the “harpozo”.As for G726 in Strong’s (granted God only knows how this read before the S. Bible changes) but not all changes are malevolent, most are.

  1. to seize, carry off by force

  2. to seize on, claim for one’s self eagerly

  3. to snatch out or away.

Now look at the other uses of this same Harpozo word.
This is unbelievable. Every one of these Harpozo examples is Satan taking by force. Snatching.
Mat 13:19
When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away G726 that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.
Jhn 10:12
But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth G726 them, and scattereth the sheep.
 Jhn 10:28
And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall G726 ➔ any man pluck G726 them out of my hand.

But yes there are other verses that ensue a better catching away.  Nevertheless I don’t know what the book used to say.  Its unreliable as a guide to spirituality. To me its just a research tool now because of the changes its very interesting to see how its changing.  I don’t think its all lies because of the changed verse about “let him who is unrighteous be unrighteous still”  which contradicts repentance and is apropos for the age of judgment.

Men Are Being Marked on the Forehead By the Raptor

So does it not make sense that they are marked by their god and ultimately by The Most High God for removal.  For eradication.  To be “snatched, seized, carried off”.

“The meek shall inherit The Earth.”

So what if we are about to spend 1,000 years in total peace on an earth that has been cleansed of Satan just like the prophesy says.  Just not in the say we pictured it.  If God has all the goat’s removed, and cleanses the earth, an magic returns, and we have the power of invisibility and other magic by words would it be so bad?  No not at all because just as the scripture used to say Jesus will dwell among us.  So instead of us going to Him by Raptor or Rapture He comes here. It also makes sense because God said (I believe when the bible was Holy) that Satan would be removed from Earth.

Yes I knew these verses before so its really just the rapture that I am redefining here.  Well, and the removal of Satan by removing all the people who choose the lie and prefer it.  And cleansing the earth of darkness/demons/and demonic technologies.  Probably all mechanical pollutants ect.  The the horrid devices of crime lude endeavors will be removed from God’s green earth.

What if it was God who erected the Georgia guide stones and not the elite evil?  After all the bible used to say 1/3 of mankind would be destroyed. And 1/3 of the grass/green stuff.  And isn’t that basically what the guidestones describe?  A new peace filled earth with 1,000 years of peace? To rid the earth of all the debauchery-ish devices of pollution He may have to also burn up some grass.

Imagine an Earth with NO EVIL LAWS TO CATOR TO THE WICKED where all things for survival are free & abundant.  Hurray!

This has GOT TO BE FROM GOD because I have gone from overnight wanting to be raptured more than ANYTHING to accepting 1,000 years of peace on earth lol.  What a change in venue.  And I think its because I finally prayed (again, getting my heart back in alignment with God and working toward acceptance of His will) “They will be done in my life.”


Shalamar ‘The abode of Love’ sounds a heck of alot better than “new jeru-salem” that ain’t happening.  That was the name I got years ago of the New Earth.

So I keep having visons of a near empty earth with me being supernatural in it.  And the earth is super clean.  All our provisions are on the trees and plants.  There are houses empty everywhere cleaner than before. There is no sun because God’s light fills the earth.

Its like when the demons leave there won’t be all this crud that just accumulates.  Somehow I don’t know how the task of washing dishes and cleaning your car and washing clothes and all that stuff will be a thing of the past. There won’t be any filth.  Not on us and not on the earth.  We will be more spirit than flesh, something in between a god, immortal and man.

So, for me this idea I present is a change of plan.  I just hope to God its not a demotion of some kind. Clearly being with God in Heaven is the best locale to be had.  But apparently I have more work here to do here on earth.

I kept wondering why I was having visions of the new empty earth clean and sparkling.  Why did I have visions of being transformed and on earth….Also there is a possibility still that some of us will spend some time in Heaven temporarily being idk, upgraded educated infilled???  But still now I clearly see as for myself I will have more time on Earth.  Maybe you will go home.  Just because I am here for the 1,000 years of peace doesn’t mean you won’t be going Home.  I really believe God is giving His elect the choice to either stay or go.  But the rapture I now believe is for the goats.  A cleansing the earth of Satan.  When God takes His home to Heaven He won’t “snatch” them.  There will be a journey through a lighted tunnel like a wormhole. And you may even see Jacobs ladder during the flight.

There is no shame in choosing to go home.  I told God If I stay it will be only to please Him.  I am not staying for the goat’s or to convert anybody.  We are well past that phase. The age of grace is over.

Those who stay are staying for the sheep and for each other. We will all be one, no more “chaff”.  No more wheat and chaff.

After all not everything is set in stone.   Plus God knows what I need far better than I do.  He always has.  I feel a great peace finally with this choice I have made. When I wanted rapture I had a struggle in my heart for some reason.  Probably because Father was tugging at my heart for the best choice.  Not the good choice.  So both are right but for me I had to make the best choice to be in God’s will.

Now. I am certain that some of the elect will go home.

What is Hell?

I am certain the goat’s are also going home in there violent snatching sort of way to enter into their either a time-loop setting their soul aside in their own person heaven that exists of the the same day over and over and over for 1,000 years. Or if they are very wicked and enjoy evil they will go to the place Gehenna of suffering and mayhem of everlasting violence.  Their own personal Heaven.  Paradise for the Hellbound.  After all God is merciful.  He gives us what we want in many ways.


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