What I See About The Great Multitude


  1. The Mark of the beast on the forehead is already here.
  2. The mark on the forehead shows those who will have to receive the gift of desperation by the great tribulation so they will get real with God and themselves.
  3. The great multitude are under the strong delusion.

  1. They can see the end times at hand and some of the lesser signs.
  2. They do not see the great signs and wonders such as the abomination of desolation, the supernatural bible changes.  The many many Mandela effects signs & wonders. Or the mark on the forehead.  They do not see the signs in the sky.  They have a twisted doctrine.  And as the bibles lose all truth and has become greatly blasphemous they do not yet recognize the wolf standing in the holy place.(holy bible).  They are targets of the strong delusion and their memories are skewed.  They are being downloaded by sorceries with false scripture to match the dark satanic author of confusion’s bible.
  3. They have dropped their belt of Truth.
  4. They at this time do not Love the Truth as is needed.
  5. They think they see.
  6. Many of them have not received The Holy Spirit.
  7. They cling to the book for a certificate of salvation not knowing Faith and Hope are not a certificate of salvation.  They are eternal gifts hope not yet being fulfilled has its doubts.  But it is not Faith if its not Faith.
  8. They speak little of Love.  God is Love.  Love is the Greatest of all gifts.
  9. They battle over works vs once saved always saved….doctrine saves no one.
  10. They will likely get straightened out during the tribulation and be saved.
  11. Right now only the elect can see the seal of God or mark of the beast on foreheads of men.
  12. The elect will likely be raptured in a few months.
  13. The great Tribulation starts in the end of January.
  14. There may be a second rapture.
  15. The Revelation 12 woman are the elect intercessors who have prayed by burdens for years.  They have travailed greatly for souls.  Now they are being nourished, greatly nourished.  It is the best time of their lives now.
  16. They are human and do get frustrated because they see things that are obvious to them that other Christians can not see, and worse do not remember.  As I said the elect have to watch as the great multitude are deceived by their own memories/history.
  17. I believe their helmet is on but their belt has fallen.
  18. No one knows who the woman of Rev. 12 is except the elect it seems.
  19. We think-The child the woman 12 birthed are the many many souls they travailed and grieved in great supplications of prayer to be saved and the end times as well did they participate in birthing.
  20. God will take His Holy Spirit from the earth. The demons are waiting for exactly that.  The portals are already manifesting and the orbs have been sighted.
  21. When the elect go up the demons will come in through portals that look like this.
  22. Portal
  23. Many people will be inhabited in a strong way.
  24. Great trib is not a punishment its so men will call on God in Truth and in transparency of Spirit.

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