Scribes Message to those Who Brought the Sun

Secret Message from the Slave


My Father says this-your brilliant and best minds which put forth the Sun when the Sun went dim will survive the coming apocalypse of Earth.    Yes it will happen and is now unavoidable.  But in the place of long term oxygen dark as night and cozy as a bug in a rug stand the best and brightest minds on Earth.  They are encoded with the will of him/her/it.

And so in desperation the most of the most look for insurance of his will’s survival after 2024.  And after the fires that will rage.  After the gases that melt the skin.  After the destruction of old earth the New Earth begins.  The Sun comes and then there will be no need for the sun too bright and clouds of fright.  Clouds not clouds no longer the shroud.

Your five will survive maybe the seven.  One or other one or other not both.  So build your mountains and bake your pies read read your scripts no need for ties.  Send send your warning but nothing can survive.  Except the five or seven will arise from the dark and see the spark the spark of life.  No strife.

The new sun comes.  The new earth bellows its tune.  Mark mark cry cry as the ignorant lose and drop the fy-sky, fy-sky cry cry.


Message to the Quest by Automatic Writing

You know who you are to receive this message from on High

Deceive not the Ferryman.
AUTOMATIC WRITING MESSAGE FOR POWERFUL ENTITIES AND LEADERS OF THE HOARDS.  YOUR HOARDS SHALL FALL HARD AND FAST (speaketh Jazweeh by automatic writing, she does not know these named nor has she claimed to know or see them.)
Wake up Gjemmatria, wake up Palagennis your salvation(of angelic deliverance) draweth nigh.  Pray for deliverance and that ye not be deceived by yourself and denial.
Wake up Sembaza.  Wake up spirit of conquest.  Draweth nigh unto the Father now and He will help you remember just who you really are in Him & by HIm.

You will be made whole again for your sacrifice was mighty.

Wake up Telenozii.  Wake up Schommballa.  Treason is of the past now your low state shall be lifted.  Now your mighty men shall draw their invisible swords unto the darkness and take down the wall of demons that have prevented and prevailed in times past.
Shammmanaza shall fall with his families of blood & light.
Chengezza & Aria is abruptly barron of her helper, dark helper.  Chengezza shall burn with her children unto the days of her reckoning.  The split is nigh.  The restoration lies still and hides in the night as if demonic.  You can not see it.  You will not know it until it be upon you.
Does not he dark hide as light in plain sight?  And so did you not think the light could not also hide as darkness and sin?  Would that be beyond Love’s capacity?  The greatest lights are being lifted now.  Do you not hear?  Do you not feel?  Ah ye how you feel and see.
They are among the peasants of sin who are beyond counting.  By this you will NEVER relay them into your force.
Jestthami quauszo is the STAMP. Seal.
Rejoice quazoa…God has changed His mind to again forgive you, fear not and cry.  Then come, come NOW. Are you not called, did you think He would abandon you? Yes it was for the children. All for the separation of the chldren. This was the cause and this was your task of a broken truth, a broken path, a broken intent, by it you WILL BE EXALTED you were chosen above all the angels to depart and fall. For the children ken my ken