Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum Decoded

What is the song “Whiter Shade of Pale” telling us?   Music spinning a web of truth in plain sight while the beast system tells us the big lie.

Decode #1

Death Comes to Us All.  Some sooner than others.  Some more than once.

I can’t believe I missed this.  Just hit me 10-1-21.  The theme of the song is human sacrifice.  The vestal or festal virgins…sacrifice a virgin.  Then there’s her face just ghostly turned a whiter shade of pale.  Then there’s the guy saying, thou his eyes were open they might just as well been closed.  Seems he was present during the sacrifice.  Perhaps it was his own indoctrination or initiation into the land of sick and famous.  “ceiling flew away” sounds like a hanging or a decapitation.  She said there is no reason…no reason to live on this earth.  Sounds like he tried to talk her out of it.  And who and what is a miller?

“Satan wishes to sift thee as wheat but I have forbid it to be so.”

The miller is the representation of evil.  Powerful evil man with lots of money to burn.  Perhaps he is a human flesh peddler.

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