Zombie Apocalypse and CRISPR Gene Editing

the password [[mRNA]]to the nucleus vs. cut & splice CRISPR

https://jazweeh.com/the-mark-of-the-beast-revealed/   2021 update.  I wrote this article in 2018 before the back scene craze.  Know this, CRISPR requires a [cut and splice] to the strand that results in gross Gene tic mutations. (not always) Why?  Because they had not the key to the [em are in aye].  Now that the elite have the two golden keys to open our sells nuke Lee us with inosine by trickery CRISPR is old hat. Crisper compared to em are en aye is like the difference between putting in an artificial heart by surgery or having your body grow its own artificial heart by Dee an aye & em are en aye instructions.(sorry for the co-ed).

Can you Say “Zombie Apocalypse?”  The Videos below are not ads.  They are on top.  Watch the videos for more info. CRISPR cas9: gene drive carries the fake dna on to the children.

Can you say Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness? It seems that FEMA and CDC (Centers for disease control see .gov links below) can. Are these serious governmental websites developing a sense of humor? I seriously doubt it.  Or are they getting us ready for something they know is coming…at least for those who are awake and looking for it.   At least, for those who have the Spirit of God and are being warned and warning others.

What better way to kill off 6.5 BILLION (see Georgia Guide-stones) menacing humans than to script their DNA and add a little Saber tooth tiger

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