Red Tide. The Un-doing of Old Earth by Wormwood

Update start 8-20-2022  “Looking into the Beast”

The New Earth is Coming. But first the old earth must burn.
Red Tide. The waters ran blood red.
Volcanoes Erupting All Around Earth 2022.


Christians who say the antichrist and beast have not arrived yet are wrong.  They have not looked into the face of The Beast.  They have not studied the food additives, Cancer industry (man made diseases) fulfilled death prophecies, gmo’s (plants & humans), farming & miracle grow’s effects on Earth, back scenes, man made diseases and more.

These Christians who see end of days but don’t see the beast prophecies fulfilled are under the Locust vail.   They are under the strong delusion. They have the mark on their foreheads.  They get all their prophecy off the image of the beast (TV, cell phone) and serve it still .  Few are sealed by God as of yet.  Why?  They must endure the Great Tribulation to become desperate enough to finally get real with God.  God (we think) prefers transparency over sanctimoniousness and acting.  We must all take off the mask the beast provided to us by it’s image (TV).

-See now.  I wrote the following Red Tide article in 2016 when I began my study of food and water.  I found that all of mankind is being poisoned by the food additives.  But not just that.  Today I realized that Red Tide syndrome in oceans and salt seas that is caused quite literally by Miracle Grow chemicals has spread to fresh water.  Another bloom another lethal new bacterium “Cyanobacterial” the likely compartmentalized, clueless, ‘ignorant’ scientists created in a laboratory.  “Just taking orders, its my job.” said the creator of the weaponized nature.

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