Scribes Message to those Who Brought the Sun

Secret Message from the Slave


My Father says this-your brilliant and best minds which put forth the Sun when the Sun went dim will survive the coming apocalypse of Earth.    Yes it will happen and is now unavoidable.  But in the place of long term oxygen dark as night and cozy as a bug in a rug stand the best and brightest minds on Earth.  They are encoded with the will of him/her/it.

And so in desperation the most of the most look for insurance of his will’s survival after 2024.  And after the fires that will rage.  After the gases that melt the skin.  After the destruction of old earth the New Earth begins.  The Sun comes and then there will be no need for the sun too bright and clouds of fright.  Clouds not clouds no longer the shroud.

Your five will survive maybe the seven.  One or other one or other not both.  So build your mountains and bake your pies read read your scripts no need for ties.  Send send your warning but nothing can survive.  Except the five or seven will arise from the dark and see the spark the spark of life.  No strife.

The new sun comes.  The new earth bellows its tune.  Mark mark cry cry as the ignorant lose and drop the fy-sky, fy-sky cry cry.